Palo Santo (Free Shipping) - 100% Natural Holy Wood

Palo Santo (Free Shipping) - 100% Natural Holy Wood

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Fair traded & resourcefully harvested. Palo Santo can be found many places just south of the border & has a Spanish name that translates into "Holy Wood". Locals often refer to this tree as "Majestic" because of its wisdom & healing properties. Comes with list of positive affirmations. 
Each stick is carefully carved from the remains of a Palo Santo tree. It's only after the complete cycle of life & death that we are able to use this tree for its healing properties. This allows the tree's natural oils time to perfect. It's been used for hundreds of years by shaman & other spiritualists to purification, detoxing & healing. *do not inhale smoke directly*
Energy Purification 
Repels Mosquitos
Soothes the vibe for relaxation 
Smells Amazing


How to Use

Hold at 45 degree over open flame (about 20 sec)

Allow flame to diffuse naturally (don't blow it) 

Note* Palo Santo will not carry large flame, it burns slowly

Say/think positive affirmations to set the vibe 

Relight as needed  

Fully extinguish & store in cool/dry place