Color of the month: Mauve

Song of the month: “In My Feelings” – Brasstracks  

Workout of the month: Calisthenics

Theme:, adaptability, inner-thoughts, career changes, emotions & relationships (click for free natal chart)

   Hey Virgo, May has lots of beautiful energy in store for you, so let’s get started. Three planets go retrograde this month: Saturn, Pluto and Venus. Each planet’s retrograde offers a chance for you to review a certain area of your life before things take-off again in the cosmos. Not to mention, eclipse season begins next month and that’s when things really start to move forward again. Retrogrades offer a chance to review so that means you could find yourself in similar situations or even encountering someone from the past. If any of these manifests, you’ll notice the growth that’s taken place based upon your interactions. This is why retrogrades are important and very helpful to those who work with and not against the energies. You’ll also need time to create moments of alone time for yourself this month. The key is to use your mutable powers to keep you more flexible and able to think on your toes. You’re about some new perspectives this month and you’ll be so glad it did. Often times, your perspective will impact your decisions more than the situation itself. 

   You’ll be thinking very deeply this month and some of you will have to make some tweaks to your thinking habits. Virgos are typically upbeat people in general. But if your daily thoughts are more negative than positive you will be ready to make some upgrades to your mental. It’s important to speak, feel and visualize the things you want in life: law of attraction 101. Monitor your self-talk and don’t pay attention to the stories may try to occupy your mind. You don’t have to respond to every thought that enters your mind. Alleviate some of that pressure by doing things that make your physical life easier, in general. Besides, all of that extra worrying does a number on your gut by slowing your digestion & metabolism. Consume potassium sulphate for healthy skin & hair. Eat hella greens & nuts, too. If you’ve got a project your working on don’t rush the process. Trust the process. You’re exactly where you need to be right now. Do the work and you’ll accomplish more than you could even imagine.

   The 12th is great for completing contracts and agreements. This is a great time to use your mind-power by thinking in an innovative way. You’re so creative, Virgo. Try putting your “spin” on things and you just might like the results you get. Try holding off on initiating any new relationships because Venus goes retrograde on the 13th and life gets a little bit more focused during a transit like this. This could mean you’re really focused on a certain aspect of someone or something that attracts you during the retrograde, but once all the planet goes “direct” you could find out that you’re completely disinterested. All of this action is happening in your 10th house of careers and the work you do in the world. How do you feel about your career? You could find yourself going back to an old career or interest that brought you joy. Some of you will decide your career is no longer serving you and seek new professions. Good for you. Create balance in your world, Virgo to help combat the surge of thoughts and emotions. Ground yourself this month by meditating, earthing or simply sitting on the ground when you can. State the things you’re grateful for each day. Intentional breathing will help you to stay calm in your mind and body as the events play out around you. Drink enough water to make sure you don’t become dehydrated & stiff.

   Mars enters your 7th house of relationships and that’ll help you make changes to the personal relationships in your life that have meaning to you. You could find yourself reaching out to someone from your past, others could be making amends or setting the record straight so that all parties can have a cleared heart as they move forward. There’s lots of respite for your soul this month if you remember to practice patience. The new moon in your 10th house of careers will provide some with new opportunities and others with a fresh mind to help achieve your professional goals. There’s been some changes happening in your work life and things just seem to keep getting better for you. So, what are you trying to do? If career isn’t your “thing” then you can definitely find joy in doing small things that make the world a little better. Recycling. Mentoring. Gardening. Doesn’t matter. All good for the planet is good for all.

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