Color of the month: Greens

Song of the month: “Feeling Myself” – Nicki Minaj, Beyonce’

Workout of the month: full body stretch (daily) for blood flow & adaptability

Theme: new money, new you, new relationships, new rules & a new level (click for free natal chart)

   Welcome to your birthday month & your May Hiyah-Horoscope, Taurus. Three planets go into retrograde (RX) mode this month and that means you could start to view things from a different perspective as the cosmos causes life to “slow down”. Expect things deep thoughts and feelings this month as you review certain aspects of your life like your relationships. Venus’ RX on the 13th will light up your 2nd house of possessions, money, good food and values. This area of your life slows down so that you notice what needs to be adjusted before the planets go direct again next month. Create balance in your relationship with food. Overeating? Not eating enough of the right stuff? Are you holding onto physical/emotions items from the past? Closet sale. How do you feel about money, like really? How does money influence you? Do you spend too much of it? Do you store money? All relationships in your life are up for their routine review,

   The full moon on the 7th happens in your house of relationships. If you haven’t noticed, yet. This whole discussion is about your relationships and the changes they are going through. All relationships begin with “self”. Repeat that again. Before you check any outside relationships, check your inner-relationship first. Some of you will notice that a certain relationship needs to be adjusted; perhaps moving to a deeper level. Some of you will acknowledge the fact that you want to be in a certain relationship. You could even begin a new relationship at this time: romantic, professional, platonic or abstract. You might start to notice a bunch of stuff you don’t like either about yourself or a relationship you’re in. Good! That’s the cosmos showing you what needs to be adjusted or ended. And if things don’t go your way this month, just do what’s best for you and keep it moving. No hard feelings.


Speaking of “self” Uranus is placed in your 1st house for the next few years to help your breakthrough to the next level of your cosmic self. This could explain the reason why many of you are experiencing lots of “wake-up calls”, shocking surprises or unexpected events happen in your life that’s caused you to see the world and people in a different way. You’re growing up, fam. And if it ever hurts, make sure you learn from the “growing pains” of life. It’s not all bad though, many of you will encounter some beautiful individuals by fate. It’s not always, “Too good to be true. The universe will often send some amazing blessings and lessons in the form of a person into your life.” What or who has recently entered your life that’s been a pleasant surprise for you, Taurus? (Answer that question.)

   Rethink everything. Life is cyclic and not linear like a time-line, so if you come across somebody you used to know, you’ll get the chance to recognize any growth that either of you have done. That’s going to feel amazing to you; as it should. Allow old projects and passions to reenter your life. Mars is in your house of social societies & group projects or team projects can have great results for those who are looking to join forces. New crew memberships can also spark. The new moon on the 22nd in the 2nd house which can create a new perspective on the financial front. This could even manifest new jobs or an inheritance of some money. Either way, you’ll get a fresh start when it comes to money. Ask for more money if you’ve been wanting a raise. You know your worth and you’ve got the facts to prove it.

   Alright, Taurus. This month is all about you and your relationships; with a hard emphasis on the relationship with “self”. Creating balance in all of your relationships is the name of the game. Any relationships that don’t meet your needs either need to be adjusted; or ended. Are you giving too much? Stop that sh*t. You deserve to be a balanced and fulfilling relationship. Have you been holding back? It’s time to move forward. Spend money on yourself. Love on yourself. Eat lots of sodium sulphate rich foods like: greens, onions, kale, and water to keep your system balanced. Ground yourself outside by placing your feet upon the earth. Breathe with intention and stretch to keep yourself patient and flexible towards changes this month. Cook more. Don’t resist the energies, go with the flow and don’t be stubborn. Learn. Love. Live.

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