Color of the month: Green (for renewal)

Song of the month: “Shoulder Lean” – Young Dro, T.I.

Workout of the month: High. Interval. Intensity. Training (H.I.I.T workouts)

Theme: self-reflect, new goals, finances, happiness, letting “go” & values (click for free natal chart)

    Scorpio, we hope you’re ready for May because there’s lots in store for you this month. Three planets will appear retrograde (RX) this month. Expect life’s events to slow down in certain areas; this creates time for you to reevaluate what’s been happening. Decide what changes you’ll like to make before eclipse season begins next month because things will really start to speed up again. Retrogrades are often viewed as undesired transits; however, they can offer desirable results to those who exercise flexibility and patience. Go with the flow and use no extra force or manipulation in your situations. You may find yourself making “peace” with some old baggage by simply freeing them from your mind. (Inhale. Hold. Exhale. And let that sh*t go.) You’ve got a new outlook on life and you have the cosmos to thank. It’s a start towards making choices for your highest good.

    There’s a full-moon in your first house and that means you’ll be doing some personal maintenance. You’re halfway through your solar return, this means 6 months has passed since your last birthday. Take a look at what your life has been like since your last birthday. What changes have you made? How have you grown? What would you like to accomplish during the next 6 months. Some of you will be setting new goals as you realize that you’re actually making nice strides towards your personal successes. And that’s worth celebrating! Find out what you want and make changes. All changes are on the menu: a change in your physical appearance, a change in your relationship status, a change in your inner-thoughts and more.

   The 12th is a great day to handle any money business due to Mercury joining Venus in your 8th house of money and resources. Venus will retrograde on the 13th in your 8th house until June to help you see where you could make some financial changes that will ultimately enhance your life. If you’ve been spending too much on a certain luxury, then Venus may show you how this needs to be properly balanced. Money is on your mind, Scorpio and there’s plenty of it out there with your name on it. You’ve just got to make some personal moves that will place you in alignment with the flow of money. How you value money will be reevaluated along with how you earn money. Other people’s money can highlight debts, investments and shared resources that may need to be addressed during this transit. Things from the past can also reappear during a retrograde. If you’re reevaluating an old relationship, this is the time to make peace and let it die. If an old person shows up in your life this could be a good opportunity to notice any changes within yourself based on your interactions. If you want to reach out to someone, go ahead.

   The week of the 13th is great for your creativity and desire to have fun. Allow yourself to be free, Scorpio. You can appear so uptight at times, but that inner kid in you would love the chance to place that huge smile to your face. Scorpios are well-known for their intense eyes, what makes your eyes light up? Discover that & do that. Laugh a lot with your partner and loved ones this month and it will do wonders for your soul.

   The new moon on the 22nd will help you let go of the things that don’t control. Surrender your troubles to the higher powers & you’ll experience an abundance of space and light in your soul. Take care of your body by stretching every day and dinking enough water. No fried foods, sugary drinks or saturated fats as they are bad for your avatar. Consume Calcium Sulfate for healthy tissue and protects against diseases. Consuming blueberries, avocados, watermelon and apples will benefit your body.

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