Color of the month: Oranges

Song of the month: “Free” – Deniece Williams

Workout of the month: Yoga & meditation  

Themes: Accountability, values and relationships, inner-self, soul-work & growth (click for free natal chart)

   Welcome to May Sagittarius, this month turns up the heat in the cosmos. Let’s find out how to best work with this month’s energies. There will be 3 planets in retrograde this month to help you gain more balance in your life. Your patience will be put to test this month, and if life seems too slow or boring for you this month try seeing things from a different perspective. Try seeing all of this retrograde action as an invitation to stop and smell the roses. Eclipse season is approaching, so things will be moving forward soon, and hopefully in a new way. It’s a wonderful time to stop and really appreciate your surroundings, like the relationships you keep around you. Take some time to really discover what it is you want from your relationships; especially, the one you have with yourself. This month you’ll actually able to process your thoughts and feelings before you feel obligated to respond. This can happen on large and smaller scales. Are you responding with less emotion? Are you allowing yourself to fully listen? Are you being straightforward? These are the type of moments you’ll want to take notice of this month. 

   On the 7th, your 12th house of inner-self, dreams and the spiritual world will offer a full-moon to highlight areas that may need adjustments. You need to be paying more attention to your inner-self and your inner-needs this month.  Some of you have been on a new-wave that’s allowing you to see yourself and the world from a new perspective. This full-moon will help you see what needs to leave and what gets to stay in this area. It’s time to dive deeper, Sag. You’re inner-world has evolved and this transit will help you realize that by making progressive changes. Many of you are taking better care of you inner-self and it shows in your physical world. There’s something different about your aura that’s inviting and the people around you are loving it more and more.

   Mercury and Venus join forces in your 7th house of relationships on the 12th of the month. This is a good day for signing contracts and doing anything that deals with a partnership. Venus will retrograde (RX) on the 13th until June in your 7th house and this will have you heavily weighing the dynamics of all relationships you’re in. Your closest relationships may take priority; however, this area of your life will include relationships with living and non-living elements. For example, if your relationship with money feels out of balance, this could be noticed during the RX. Do you spend too much? Not enough? Romantic, platonic, professional and miscellaneous relationships will also be evaluated for an imbalance of give & take. Any relationships that leave you drained or disempowered should longer be tolerated. How’s your relationship with yourself? Yep, how you treat yourself is most important. Past relationships can finally see closure so that you can finally move-on, in peace. Mending relationships can be beautiful manifestations. Someone from your past could enter your life again, doesn’t really matter how. Your relationships determine your values. What are your values? Reassess them.

   On the 23rd here’s a new moon in your 7th house to help you with making any relationship changes you need to happen. Don’t worry too much about someone else’s feelings because being true to yourself is your first and biggest priority. For those of you with healthy relationships, you may find yourself wanting to deepen bonds. This is where the sweet stuff lies, Sag. Some of you will even start taking more accountability for your own thoughts and feelings. No more projecting your feelings onto others or acting out just to get the reactions you want, Sag. You’re owning your sh*t and this new vibe you’re carrying places you under a strong and attractive light. You are empowered when you approach life in this way. Mars in your 4th house can mean some of you will start in-home workouts or renovations this month. Basically, there will be some much-needed action happening in your home. Your life is in a good place, just remember to stop and smell the roses. Patience, water, sunlight and silica are essentials this month. Avoid fried foods and alcohol. Do things that make you feel happy & creative.

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