Color of the month: Bright colors

Song of the month: “Believe it” – PartyNextDoor & Rhianna

Workout of the month: Cardio & strength training (for grounding & flexibility)

Theme: No “bad vibes”, relationship balance, master planning, looking back & it’s GO time. (Click for free natal chart)

   Hey Pisces, May is here to heat things up, literally. There are 3 planets that are retrograde this month. Start the month off by flexing your “self-care” muscles. Try doing things like saying your positive affirmations in a mirror each day to keep your vibes in-check. Do things to keep your self-esteem high this month to maximize this month’s cosmic energy. There’s a passionate full-moon in Scorpio on the 7th to help you realize what needs to be ended, acknowledged or adjusted in your 9th house of higher-learning, foreign lands, expanding the mind and spirituality. Some of you will explore new & familiar distant places as you plan to travel. Some will move to a new city, state or country; while others relocate within the same region. Are there any spiritual beliefs and/or deep-rooted ideas that you need to relinquish? How’s your spiritual life? Are you doing enough to keep yourself connected to cosmos? Are you serving your higher-self? Do something for your mind by learning something new for expansion. Often times, as a man thinketh is more responsible for his state of reality than fate.

   The 12th offers a lovely mash-up between the planet of communication, thinking and technology (Mercury) & the planet of joy, harmony & luxury (Venus) in your 4th house of home/family life. Making money in the home is great for this transit, which is especially true these days. However, Venus goes retrograde (RX) on the 13th until June 25th in your 4th house and this can have many of you feeling the need to create a space that allows you to feel at home and peace while you’re there. This space could require an entire house etc. or just a room in the house. Pisces in general value alone time, so finding a spot where you feel content is important for you right now. If you’ve been itching to move around and relocate this is idea could become more of a reality for some. But, what can you do to make your home or living environment feel more inviting to your soul right now? You’ll be revisiting your closest relationships, especially ones in the home. Some with let go of relationships while others will strengthen the bonds within a relationship. Either way, it’s all working out for your good. Money is also a close relationship that will be under review during the Venus RX to help you see where you can find better balance between saving and spending. Balance is key as you’ll search for stability in your relationships with money and people. Make sure you are getting enough from your relationships Pisces, you are worthy of so much. Please, don’t short-change yourself. Also make sure you’re showing-up in your relationships. You’ll be required to give more of yourself and not the physical self; your inner-self. You’re taking leaps of faith when it comes to your relationships that will play out successfully if you stay true to yourself. 

   Mars enters your 1st house of self on the 13th and this will make sure you’re equipped with the energy and mental stamina you’ll need to see your goals through. This is your time of the year, that means you’ll feel so much better about starting new exercise and lifestyle changes. Good for you! Drink water and eat lots of fresh veggies/fruit this month to stay in tip-top health. On the 21st the sun moves into Cancer coupled with 22nd offers a new-moon and that idea of moving or relocating is on the menu again. Some of you will be moving things around in the home to create more space and more inviting vibes by clearing out old keepsakes and such. Others will take this energy full-force by packing up and moving to a new place that will offer a fresh start. The cosmos have got your back if you’ve got a plan. Besides, now is the perfect time to plan for your future. It’s “Go” time, Pisces and that means “action”. If you’ve been planning for something new, be ready for things to move in that direction. This is the best time to for new beginnings in the universe. New family members can arrive around this time. Mending family bonds can occur with past and present members. There’s someone you may need to forgive, and it doesn’t matter if they’re physically here or not; you can find peace in this action.

   It’s probably best to avoid entering new relationships due to Saturn and Venus position in the sky. Your perspective is changing right now, and things may appear different once the planets go direct. During this time, it’s best to be patient and allow things to occur naturally. Why? Well, probably because you’ve gotten distracted along the way which has caused you to stray away from your true self. There are things you need to be doing for you, that aren’t being done. The retrogrades just want to offer you a chance to “come back to yourself”. A chance to slow down and see things from a different perspective. If you allow yourself to work with these energies, you’ll have a pleasant transit.

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