Color of the month: Black and White

Song of the month: “Keep Their Heads Ringin’” – Dr Dre

Workout of the month: Kickboxing, Pilates, (high activity workouts)

Themes: Financial changes, deeper meanings, change of heart, healthier life & speaking up (click for free natal chart) 

   Hey there Libra, welcome to your May monthly Hiyah-Horoscope. Your ruling planet, Venus will retrograde this month along with Saturn and Pluto. Many of you could find yourself doing some serious re-evaluating in certain areas of your life. You’ll find yourself letting go of things you can’t control. Yep, give it to the higher-ups if you’ve done all that you can do. This will free up space within your mind and heart, Libra. Moving-on never felt so good. The retrogrades offer a chance to view things from a deeper perspective and familiar patterns or situations could even manifest this month giving you a chance to determine how much you’ve grown. Don’t push. Try going with the flow this month and you’ll start to see things from a different perspective; increasing your power. Affirm that you are, “Strong, brave and wise” often this month.

   There’s a full-moon on the 7th in your house of money, resources and debt. What do you need to face when it comes to your financial life? How’s your relationship with money, Libra? Take time to evaluate how you really feel about money. Don’t be surprised if your focus is directed towards a faulty idea or belief about money during this transit. Are you lowkey doubtful about the idea of you earning an abundant amount of money? If so, you’re blocking the blessing by giving off mixed signals. Either you feel like you’re worth it or you feel like you’re worth it. Feel me. You’re definitely worthy of an abundance of wealth, but you may have to rid yourself of some limiting beliefs before this can happen. Many of you will take time notice of things to be grateful for in your life. You will realize that all of your needs are already met. You are blessed.

   Mercury and Venus enter your 9th house of foreign travel, spirituality & higher-learning on the 12th of the month. This is a good time to research and teach yourself something new. Diving deeper into your spiritual interests could be very fulfilling to you this month. This encourages your mind to explore new depths. Ask questions, and research your own answers, Libra. The information you digest will be good for the soul because you’ll take this information and apply it in a forward-thinking way. Maybe in a way that could increase your finances. You are one of the master-thinker of the zodiac.


Venus goes retrograde (RX) on the 13th until June and this transit wants you to take a more in-depth look into your relationship with your belief system. Is it healthy? Is it updated to match this new and improving you? There could be some old ideals/practices that no longer fit who you’re becoming. Those who find themselves struggling to let go of outdated beliefs/ideas could experience a struggle between their desires & beliefs. If you want something, go for it. No excuses. Regain your inner-focus & get back to your higher-self for the next 6 weeks and this will help you ascend. Getting rid of spiritual distractions like insecurities, childish behaviors & self-doubt/pity is the name of the game this month. You’re getting really, real this month & the cosmos encourage you to speak your truth.

   Take control of your life and speak up for yourself in all of your relationships. No more imbalanced relationships. There’s a new moon on the 22nd that can offer a new perspective to help create a fresh-start for those of you who are ready. Trying something new around this time can leave you feeling happy that you did. The end of the month can be busy for you because Mars enters your house of health, self-employment and daily habits. You could find your days becoming filled with lots of activities like designated time to exercise, read or create. Make sure you always leave time for self. You’ll need alone time to process and review. Place your feet upon the Earth and get a good balance of sleep & physical activity to keep your vibe mellowed-out. Avoid the sweets & junk food. Eat a balanced diet. Remember that your sign’s symbol is the “scale”, so balance isn’t an option if you want to life to feel your best in life, Libra. Create balance by staying patient & staying true to yourself.

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