Color of the month: White

Song of the month: “Neon Guts” – Lil Uzi Vert, Pharrel Williams

Workout of the month: Yoga, deep stretching

Theme: home/family life, talk about it, looking back, creative moves and personal growth. (click for free natal chart)

   Greetings, Leo. Welcome to your May monthly Hiyah-Horoscope, let’s see what’s in store for you this month. Three planets go into retrograde (RX) this month and that means life will become magnified on certain aspects of your life; like your relationships. The retrogrades have a history of negative talk tied to it, but that came from people who never learned to value the offerings of a RX. Don’t be one of those people this month. Try to stay flexible in your approach and responses to this month’s events as they unfold. Treat your distractions like potholes and go around them. Avoid them in a creative way, if you can manage. Don’t take on every challenge or issue that comes your way, that can get old and tiring hella quick. Leo, the world knows you’re very strong and driven which is great, however this month’s forecast shows the softer side of things. The inner-side of things. You’ll be going pretty deep this month to unearth some hidden gems that can be used to help propel your life into your desired direction. Stay hydrated this month and wear cool colors to help keep you grounded and balanced. Practice slow moving exercises that build strength and discipline; these types of exercises will help you become more centered and less reactionary to your environment.

   You’ll find yourself using your unique creativity all month that’ll make life a little sweeter. Keep a lookout for ways you can make things “all right” again, with your creative charm. There’s a full-moon in your 4th house of domestic and family life that happens on the 7th of the month. This will bring a light to something that has to do with the actual home or someone that’s tied to the home that needs to be acknowledged or adjusted. If a talk needs to be had to clear the air, make sure that happens sooner than later. Don’t allow negative energy to linger around, it’ll take-over if stored within you. Some of you will be wanting to move homes, others will be removing unneeded items from the home. Either way, all of this energy will brighten the energy in your home. Also, turn up the music and dance this month. Move and use your body, Leo.

   Venus goes RX on the 13th in your 11th house of social interactions, associates/friends and status and this will have many of you really reconsidering the word “friend”. Don’t trip if you find yourself asking yourself “why do I even like them”? Be legit & honestly answer these types of questions to yourself. The answers you discover will decide how you should handle your relationship once things go direct in late June. You’re about to do a “friends-list detox” online and in real life. So be it. There are no hard feelings, it’s just that you’re ready to move onto the next chapter of your life and it’s hard to do that with old baggage and reminders hanging around everywhere you look. Besides, you’ve really outgrown quite a bit of your relationships, Leo. Time is just a concept, don’t let it keep you in limiting situations. On the other hand, some of you will be reaching out to persons from your past. Remember to use creativity when expressing yourself this month. Ultimately this RX offers a chance to review life areas. That means old situations could reoccur or even people from the past could reappear in your life. If so, take this chance to see yourself in a new light. You’ll notice your level of growth which will make many of you feel good. Pay attention to how you communicate in your relationships, Leo. Do you communicate too much? Could you benefit from communicating more? You’ll want to address your relationship with “self” before any others because it sets the tone for all others you become involved in.

   Your relationship with money is also up for review. If you’ve got limiting beliefs about money, you’ll want to remove them. You can’t manifest your desires, if you secretly don’t believe it’s possible. Replace any negative money thoughts with 3 positive ones to “offset” any negative energy given off to the universe. Hey, listen. Doesn’t matter if that last statement was true or not, what matters is your self-talk. See, this RX happens in the sign of Gemini which rules communication, thinking and even technology. This retrograde wants you to think about your relationships in a way that lets you focus on the levels of: communication, respect & effort. Remember, to start with the relationship with yourself and talk to yourself nicely. Overall, you’ll really like flexing this muscle because it could land you a partnership or contract that you’ve been wanting. Think about the bigger picture. Share your creative ideas. You’re in a beautiful place.




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