Color of the month: Cool blues

Song of the month: “You Know What It Is” – T.I., Wyclef Jean

Workout of the month: Partner workouts

Theme: Different point-of-view, daily life, self-honesty, social impacts & new commitments (click for free natal chart)

   Happy Bearth Day, Gemini! Welcome to May. There’s so much going on in the cosmos that will play out down here on Earth. Let’s get to the goodies. There are 3 planets that go retrograde (RX) this month. Things could get pretty interesting and you’ll want to know how to work with the energies and not against them. Luckily, you’re a mutable sign that knows how to “go with the flow”. You’ll want to practice this notion quite a bit in May. There could be some changes that play out in your world & how it affects you will depend on your reactions. Try to save your frustrations by thinking of creative ways to go around issues you notice. Challenge accepted? Don’t resist this month, you don’t have to. Just go around them like “pot holes”, you’ll still get to where you’re going.

   There’s a full-moon in your 6th house of work drive and motivation, health and daily habits. Many of you will be rediscovering what’s important when it comes to your work. If you can’t change your job, you’d benefit from changing your perspectives about your job. Your relationship to your work needs attention, so be on the lookout for work/daily habit changes. Speaking of daily habits, many of you have started taking steps towards a healthier lifestyle. Keep it up, Gem. You’ll be reaching new personal heights in due time. Adopt a new health conscious habit that adds value to your improving lifestyle. It could be something as simple as, finding time to get in just 10 push-ups each day. Or drinking at least a ½ gallon of H20 each day. Either way, meet your needs during this time.

   Venus and Mercury light-up your 1st house and this is big energy for loving yourself and even reflecting on your personal accomplishments. If you’re looking to put yourself in a good position to gain some sort of funding or recognition, this could play out in your favor. Thinking about yourself is going to be big theme this month. Healthy narcissism. Venus deals with harmony in your relationships and she wants you to take a long look at how you’ve been treating yourself over the past year or two. Be honest with yourself when you answer questions like, “How do I want to be seen in the world?” What do I want to be known for?” “How can I treat myself with more love?” “What changes within myself should I make?” You’ll be spending time reflecting over all of your relationships, actually. Every relationship you have all begins with yourself, it doesn’t matter if that relationship is with a person, place, thing or idea, fam. You’ve got to remember that all things in life starts with a cell. Hence, “self”. Do sweet things for yourself. 

   Other relationships you could be re-evaluating is your relationship with: money, food, social media, self-doubt, alcohol, smoking, friends, parents, work, education, belief system, society, romantic life, image and shopping. They all start with you & the RX is here to slow things down before they take off again next month during eclipse season. Here’s the deal, you’ll need to be more open to things not going in the ways you want them to go if you want to have comfortable transits and experiences. Singles that find potentials could hit it off with a bang during the RX, keep in mind it’s common that a person’s feelings are influenced by these transits. It’s possible you may not feel the same once the planet goes direct in late June. Couples could see experience relationships blossoms or relationships finalize. Either way, it’s all happening for your greatest good and no matter which one you experience, you’re bound to feel more joy and harmony in your life soon after. Some of you will be going on the “deep end” when it comes to be vulnerable and honest within yourself. Couples could experience talks that seems to secure the bonds in your relationship.

   This is the best time to think about giving back to the world in your own way. This could occur on so many levels that exceed money and the tangible world. Prayer for the world is always needed in abundance. The energy you radiate is vital to the collective vibrations of this planet. There’s a shift that everyone has seemed to notice and that’s because of each individual person’s energy. Everything you do has an effect, Gemini. Remember the laws of attraction as you handle yourself with others. Always seek integrity and love. Overall, this year is all about your new beginning and discovering what it is that you want from life. Leave no question unanswered. Who do you want to know? Where do you want to live? How do you want to earn money? Answer them all to yourself. Write them down if possible. This month is all about you moving your life forward in a major way. Stay hydrated. Stretch daily. Take charge of your life. If you don’t like something about your life, change it. Whether it be a physical change that’s needed or a perspective adjustment. There’s a new you on the horizon and the world is going to be in awe once they get a glimpse. Do your thing, Gemini.

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