Color of the month: Earth tones (for grounding)

Song of the month: “Broccoli” – DRAM, Lil Yachty

Workout of the month: core/abs

Theme: evaluating friendships, patience, health-tip, lifestyle changes and daily life & career (click for free natal chart)

    Hey there, Capricorn. May is filled with lots of insight and useful vibes, let’s see what the cosmos have in store for you. Three planets will retrograde this month.  Many of you will be taking a close look at certain areas of your life that need more balance. Be on the lookout for new perspectives and responses. You’ll be noticing where things need to change in your relationships. Retrogrades causes our mind to slow down long enough, so we can take notice & make proper adjustments wherever they are needed. Don’t fret the word, “Retrograde”. Instead, try seeing the retrograde as a chance to take a second look at a situation before you move-on for good. What this means is recycled scenarios or repeated lessons need to be investigated. If you find yourself in a familiar situation, you may notice your current responses/reactions have changed for the better. Good for you! Your job is to create balance this month. Many of you will be doing a lot of “letting go”. This will do wonders for your peace of mind, Capricorn. You deserve that.

   How’s your patience? You’ll be wise to flex that muscle this month as things may not manifest as fast as you’d wish. There’s a full-moon on the 7th of the month that will bring major focus to your social circle and friends. How’s your social circle? Who has access to you? Who do you allow in your space? Ask yourself those type of questions because that old phrase, “Birds of a feather, flock together” may mean more to you for the next few weeks. You’re changing, and you’ve already changed so much, Cap. It’s only fair that your outer world reflects your inner-world and that includes your “homies”. There should be no tension, but everyone on your current friends-list aren’t going to make the “cut” when it comes to having access to you as a friend. So be it. It’s time to elevate your crew because you’re on a new level. Something like this doesn’t mean “bad blood”, it simply means you’ve chosen to move-on & there could still be lots of love and respect felt for one another. Here’s the thing, you already know who needs to have limited access to your vortex. Each person’s reason will differ; however, your inner-self knows best.

   Your house of health will be occupied by mercury and Venus. This will create more talk and action around your well-being. How is your health, Cap? Honestly. This month is great for taking health conscious steps towards new health journeys. Study on how to heal yourself. Read this month. Learn about astrology and how it coincides with your health. Also, in your 6th house of health, Venus goes retrograde on the 13th until June. Venus is here to help you take notice of what daily health habits you need to review. You’re encouraged to reassess all the daily luxuries you’ve been giving yourself; and the ones that haven’t been the healthiest can be reversed as the retrograde comes to an end. You get to exercise your self-discipline. This will be something you feel proud about. You will feel lighter in your spirit when you do what’s right for yourself. Self-love is the best love. The 6th house also deals with self-employment and working for “self”. If the work you do in the world doesn’t fulfill your soul, then you will also review this area for changes that need to be made. Be open to new opportunities and you just may find something delicious.

   Speaking of work changes, there’s a new moon in the 6th house of health/work to offer you a fresh perspective on how to go about making any changes to this area of your life. Your ideas about work are changing, which is good because the entire world is changing. If you’re wondering about switching that job/career, you should know that it’s “Go” time. So, support yourself and create your desired reality. The point is to stay flexible in your thoughts, mind and body during these days. Drink water. Stretch daily. Read or research. Get lots of natural sunlight. P.S. place your feet upon solid earth whenever possible.

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