Color of the month: Silver

Song of the month: “Glowed Up” – KAYTRANADA, Anderson Paak

Workout of the month: Jog, run, walk

Theme: Change of heart, spiritual path, deep changes, spirituality and looking back

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    Hey there, Cancer. Welcome to the month of May where things begin to slow down just before they take-off. There are 3 planets that go retrograde this month: Saturn, Pluto & Venus. You’ll want to practice your natural tendency to be flexible and adaptable as this month’s events unfold.

   There’s a full-moon in your house of creativity on the 7th of the month. This moon will light up your 5th house of romance, creativity, entrepreneurship & fun. You’ll be directed to focus on this area of your life for the next few weeks to discover what needs to be acknowledged and adjusted. Business pursuits could complete for some while others will feel the need for creative outlets. Either way, any 5th house related changes that happen will enhance your life in due time. Keep your feelings in check around this time by eating fresh foods from the earth & avoiding alcohol. A small transformation is in the works, here.

   On the 13th, Venus goes retrograde in your 12th house of spirituality, secrets & dreams to help create more inner-balance. Some of you will be reviewing your spiritual beliefs and about how you feel about past decisions. Ask yourself questions about what comes up for you and make sure you give yourself honest answers. This will help you balance your inner & outer worlds. Take time to reflect on past lessons to decide what worked out in your favor and what didn’t. Try not to make concrete decisions that involve your mood/feelings, if possible. For example, those who enter a relationship during the retrograde could decide they want “out” once the planets go direct. Why? Well, because perceptions of reality are positioned differently during retrogrades. Get comfortable with things appearing different, it’s for your own good. Practice your patience. 

   Mars enters your 9th house of foreign lands, spiritual growth & higher learning on the 13th of the month and this puts some motion into this life area. Traveling to a new or foreign place could definitely be on the menu for some. If you’re not able to travel, then you could encounter someone who seems foreign. You’re likely to enjoy learning from them. Many will become more serious about your spiritual path; this will help you blossom & learn more about yourself. The sun and new moon illuminate your 12th house on the 21st and 22nd of the month. It’s getting closer to your birthday and you’re at the point when you can look over the last 12 months of your life. Where have you grown? Where would you like to increase growth in your life? How’s your mind and body, honestly? You’ll need some quiet time this month. Hopefully you can create time to mediate, intentionally breathe and/or write. You’re about to have a personal new year which means new goals & intentions for the year.

   Get lots of quiet time this month & plenty of rest. Drink water and stretch your body on a daily basis. You need sunlight. Step outside for a moment to breathe each day if possible. Coupled Cancers could either strengthen or severe bonds over the month and a half, while others will finally feel safe enough to let someone into their hearts, fully. Either way, these are beautiful events that will jazz up your relationships. Remember, the most important relationship should be the one with “self”. Love you first, and everything else will follow. Trust yourself. Don’t be afraid of vulnerability. Nurture your inner-self with positive self-talk to keep your confidence high. Watch what you consume; this goes beyond food & drink. Start a new practice that allows you to feel free and closer to source & this will help you feel empowered through all of May.

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