Color of the month: Pinks & reds

Song of the month: “All Me” – Drake, Big Sean, 2Chainz

Workout of the month: Mountain Climbers & Push-ups

Themes: relationship changes, smooth talker, new attitude, showing compassion & values. (Click here for your free natal/birth chart)

    Hey there, Aries and welcome to your May monthly Hiyah-Horoscope. There’s quite a bit of cosmic action happening this month & the star of the show is the retrograde trio. Three planets go into retrograde (RX) this month: Saturn, Pluto and Venus. They all have their areas of focus for your life so make sure to notice the signs and stay present so that you get the full experiences of your life. There’s a full-moon in your house of relationships & other people’s money on the 7th of the month and this can have you feeling wavy from the pool of emotions your submerged into. Here’s the deal, this moon is here to uncover the unseen. This could play out in the tangible world for those who are involved in some level of deceitful behavior. But for most, this moon will uncover what’s hidden in your mind & heart, Aries. It’s time to be honest with yourself & address what’s been buggin’ you. Whatever it is that you’re holding in will eventually take up so much space within you that it comes out. Allow past hurts and fears to end. Be vulnerable & really acknowledge what’s going on within yourself, so that you can make peace before you move-on. You could see changes in their partner’s income. Suh-weeet! Bonuses and investments could find you too. It’s a money moon, Aries.

   Your 3rd house of communication, technology, vehicles and thinking is activated by Mercury, the sun, and Venus which goes RX on the 13th. This RX will have you really rethinking about who you communicate with. How are the health of your friendships? Some you will have to remember that time is a concept that shouldn’t always be used to validate certain insufficiencies. How do you talk to people? How do you allow people to talk to you? Some of you will start to present yourself with more assertion and confidence; especially in the way you communicate. You may need to upgrade your phone but try to avoid making high-dollar decisions until things go direct because of the cosmic influence you’re under. And when you’re over it all, just find time for you. You might even be turning away from the devices and more towards nature or alone time which will do wonders for your mind & body. Going back to old projects or interests can definitely happen and this could be great for you.

   A new moon happens in your 3rd house on the 23rd and the sun rolled in just 2 days before. Your mind is probably going in a thousand directions, but that’s why Venus is here to help you slow down. If you create time for yourself, you’ll notice that your mind is really trying to kick out some beautiful ideas to you. This is how you work with the energies and not against them. If your mind feels over-wired, then disengage the wires and let peace find you in the stillness. You’ll have some “aha” moments about yourself and how to earn more money. Current and potential business owners and entrepreneurs can have creative approaches that’ll increase their sales.

   This month is full of changes, Aries. The key is to go with the flow and not against the flow. When things become too demanding, try replacing them with soothing distractions. A walk outside etc. Tune out the world whenever you need to. Create balance between your inner-physical self by allowing things to change around you without getting so mentally involved. Just simply focus on yourself and take the breaks you need. Eat brain food like nuts, beans, beets and avocados to get as much potassium phosphate as possible. It’s vital to your cosmic makeup.

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