Color of the month: Pink and White

Song of the month: “Sock it to Me” – Missy Elliot, Da Brat

Workout of the month: Yoga (mental/physical endurance & balance)  

Theme: creative outlets, healthy boundaries, career passions, let loose & simple pleasures (click for free natal chart)

    Aquarius. Welcome to May as things kick off in a major way. There will be 3 planets going retrograde this month. Let’s see how we can work with the cosmos & not against them for the next 30 days. Venus will retrograde on the 13th in your 5th house self-expression, kids & luxury. Saturn and Pluto will also go retrograde this month to further help bring attention to the highlighted areas of your natal chart. Energy levels look great during the first ½ of the month due to Mars electrifying your house of “self”.

   There’s a full-moon in the 10th house of careers on the 7th in the sign of Scorpio that will highlight career-related passions. Remember, the house of careers isn’t bound to titles and office-spaces; it’s main focus is deals with the work you do in the world. Where are your efforts being placed? How do you help/serve others on a daily basis? Furthermore, the 10th house of work wants you to look at your daily “work” and decide what gets to stay & what needs to leave. The 10th house teaches us that, consistency pays off. However, you get to decide what the pay-off is, based on your daily and consistent work practices. 

   Mercury and Venus light up the 5th house of joy, romance, creativity and children on the 12th. Venus will retrograde (RX) on the 13th which will slow things down enough, so you can gain a better perspective on this area of your life. Many of you will dream of creative projects and ideas during this transit. Let the fun begin, Aquarius! What makes your soul shine? Music. Dancing. Cooking. Playing sports etc. You’ll find yourself coming up with some creative and innovative ideas during the retrograde. Nothing beats a creative spin on something people currently appreciate. Keep your best ideas written down somewhere and review them once Venue goes direct in June. Money and relationships are ruled by the planet Venus & her retrogrades period offers a chance to adjust any imbalances in these areas. For example, are you giving too much of yourself in your relationships? Do you feel obligated or like you owe others? Relationships are about healthy “give & take”. You can’t afford to stay in unfair relationships these days. Some of you have set new boundaries for yourself and others will have to get with the program or get lost.

   Do you make enough money? What’s your relationship like with money? What’s your spending habits like? What financial changes could you make to help bring more balance to this area of your life? Speaking of money, try to hold off on huge purchases if you can.

    The new moon in the 5th house of luxury, creativity and romance will have you wanting to pamper yourself in a beautiful way that lets you feel creatively free. You have many talents Aquarius & one of them could earn you some money. Mars moves into your 2nd house of money during the 2nd half of the month. Try to use this energy towards pursing your creative passions & you could definitely see some financial return. Do things that make you feel good this month. Take up for yourself and feel confident in your place in the world. It’s going to be your job to take advantage of every situation you face, Aquarius. Flex your “choice” muscle and know that everything happens for your good. If you’re in an awkward place due to the world’s climate, take comfort in knowing that all of your needs are met at all times. This is the time to explore the depths your soul to discover who you want to be and where you want to go during this new world transition. Eat lots of iron from the Earth & drink lots of water. Decrease caffeine. Increase natural herbal teas (mint, chamomile etc.) Get lots of vitamin D & fresh air if possible.

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