Color of the month: Rose

Song of the month: “The Sign” – Ace of Base

Workout of the month: Core/ab exercises

Theme: Wellness & Health, resources, social awareness, learning & organization. (click here for free natal chart)

Hey Virgo, we hope you had a prosperous February. March starts off with Mercury still in retrograde in the sign of Pisces, but on the 5th the planet of communication reverts back to Aquarius to have us look at our social foundations to finish out the transit. How do you really feel about your social circles? How do you show up in your community? How have you been spending your time? These are the types of questions you could find yourself wondering about around this time. Speaking of time, please make sure you are making the most of your minutes. Do things that make you feel useful and productive; you know how things get when you feel the opposite. Be conscious of each moment. Stay in the moment. Some of you have been experiencing changes in your body. It’s important to find quiet time so that you can tune into your inner-self & physical-self to better understand what is needed to thrive. Listen to how your body responds. Do not disregard. Others of you have been taking more interest in your health recently & will appreciate the chance to exercise your mental power aka discipline.


Venus enters your 9th house on the 5th and this could have you taking a strong interest in the depths of your curiosity. Foreign travel and spiritual connections with others are also on the menu around this time, and that means new experiences. Singles could find themselves interested in someone who doesn’t fit your ideal type. You could find yourself thoroughly intrigued; however, pleasantly surprised overall if you stay open minded. Some of you could find yourself studying to build your intellect and I wouldn’t be surprised if the topic is one that you’ve studied in the past. However, higher-intellect is on the menu this month whether you’re receiving or providing the information. What’s your spiritual/inner- life looking life? How can you tap into your spiritual side a little more? There are endless ways to connect to the universe: spending time in nature, meditating, praying etc. choose something that best fits you.


Mercury joins Neptune in your 7th house on the 17th and this is great for negotiating and completing paperwork. Communication is strong at this time of the month, so go get yours.

Your 8th house is illuminated on the 20th when Uranus & a new moon both occupy this space. The 8th house rules other people’s money, taxes, & resources. Some of you could receive some good news about a partnership that involves money. Others could decide to join a partnership around this time that involves money/resources. Saturn enters your 6th house on the 22nd along with Mars to help give you the focus and drive you need to get whatever it is done that you’re trying to accomplish. Virgos are naturally healthy, but Saturn comes along to help you restructure this area of your life & find yourself becoming way more health-conscious. There are new health goals on the menu for you. If an illness arises this year, it’s all related to your lifestyle, nothing more. Remember, to stay present and give yourself the credit you deserve because you’re often trying your best.


This month is good for using your good Virgo karma & those of you who make an investment this month could see fruitful results over time. You could be exposed to new ways to enjoy how you have fun or create. March allows things to seem refreshed or reborn in your life. Coupled Virgos can definitely create adventure and memories this month. Getting more creative in how you experience one another can lead to fun in & outside of the home. This month is a thriving month for you in regard to your health, work & structure. Work responsibilities may increase with the goal of helping you organize your daily routine & time spent. Find out what’s most important to you, Virgo. What is no longer working for you?