Color of the month: Dark reds (maroon, burgundy etc.)

Song of the month: “Stir Fry” – Migos

Workout of the month: Abs & cardio for inner love & strength

Theme: self-love, romance, self-expression, creative projects and new crew members. (click for free natal chart)

Hey there, Taurus. February was filled with lots of themes: home-life changes, new connections and projects. Let’s see what March has in store for you. Mercury is still retrograde until the 10th so be careful to pay attention to the details if you’re travelling or handling important documents. Venus enters your sign on the 5th to join Uranus who’s already occupying your 1st house of self. This could mean a new romance for many of you regardless of your relationship status because this new-found love will be with “self”. Yes. Venus is here to make sure you spread the love evenly, and that means no longer overlooking your own needs. Taurus what makes you feel like a million bucks? With you, we know this feeling doesn’t have to cost a million bucks because you tend to find value in the things you most appreciate. Besides, when was the last time you really loved on yourself. Do something to value yourself & the people around you will follow suit. You’re more than worthy, so enjoy this transit. Singles could find themselves involved with a potential hunny, all of a sudden. 


There’s a full moon in your 5th house of creativity & romance on the 9th that could bring attention to your creative pleasures or the children in your world. Someone could express romantic feelings for you or vice versa. Something could also be revealed that causes you to feel a certain type of way. However, it’s nothing too major, just try to shake it off and keep things moving. Watch out for pranksters. On the other side, what gets revealed could be just what you were hoping for. Remember, the moon only wants to show us what needs to be acknowledged, adjusted or ended. Also, how can you express more of yourself is the question to explore. Demands may keep you from play at times; but doing something specifically for your self-esteem; like getting a new hair-do could take the edge-off. You may have been all work and no play recently. Let’s find that new balance again.


The middle of the month will be centered around social-connections. Do you feel like your current friends are you true “tribe”? Some of you have been longing to connect with more like-minded individuals where you can offer each other useful information. Your 11th house of social-status and friends are occupied by 3 planets to help you create the soul-tribe you’ve always wanted. It’s time to upgrade your social circle because you’ve probably outgrown some of your current groups/individuals anyhow. Go ahead and trade them out for a group of people that make you feel purposeful whenever you get together. Facebook groups or Meet-up, anyone? Let new opportunities come to you; remain open and flexible. New businesses could also get launched this month.


Your dreams and soul are being activated by your 12th house planetary transits. The 12th house is very quiet and spiritual so finding time to mediate, pray or simply be in stillness is ideal for nurturing your inner-self. You may have been becoming more interested in the esoteric world of astrology, tarot etc. lately. The idea of “self-love” also plays out here in the latter part of the month, just in a more intimate way. March is all about you finding ways to better love yourself, Taurus. Everything you want in life will derive from a healthy relationship with self, first. Saturn moves into your 10th house on the 22nd and this could leave many of you making career changes. Mars will move into the same house on the 30th and this energy will help you achieve. If you’ve been feeling inconsistent, Mars is here to help you focus. What is it that you want the cosmos to help you accomplish? You’ve just got to decide what it is, make a plan and execute with the help of the universe.