Color of the month: Orange hues

Song of the month: “Use Somebody” – Kings of Leon

Workout of the month: Yoga

Theme: Social circle changes, old vs new, letting “go” & relationships (click for free natal chart)

Happy soon to be, Spring. Let’s see what your March Hiyah-Horoscope has for you Scorpio. Remember, mercury is still retrograde in Pisces, but slides backwards into the sign of Aquarius on the 5th of the month to finish out its last 5 days. This allows you the chance to review your social groups & commitments to see which ones get to stay and which ones need to be retired. Moving forward. Venus joins your 7th house of relationships and singles could find themselves involved in an unexpected relationship or friendship. Let this happen. This person is sure to be a breath of fresh air for you. You will really enjoy any relationships that blossoms under this transit. Coupled Scorpios can experience a rejuvenation of your romantic life so that it feels electric and alive. One way to ensure this can happen for you is by allowing past violations to reach their statute-of-limitations. Simply put, no more grudges. You’ve got to learn, forgive & keep moving ahead. Grudges keep you in the past and promotes the depression of things that cannot be changed. Stay present. It’s the only thing we can control. Take control of your relationships and make the changes that benefit, YOU. Don’t be afraid to leave folks in exchange for others who are more like minded. You’ve changed so much recently; and you could use an upgraded and updated crew to match this new vibe you’re emitting. Looks like February’s theme of letting “old things die-off” is still active in March. So be it.


The full moon on the 9th of the month lights up your 11th house of social interactions, social status and reputation. Full moons illuminate the entire night sky. So, don’t be surprised if you find yourself in the spotlight for the next few weeks. Some of you could all of a sudden become everyone’s person of choice to exchange energy with. Can you blame them, though? On the contrary, you could get more focus on the things you don’t want I your friendships. Some will end relationships while others will either begin or enhance theirs. Either way, you should feel great overall because whatever is to be done, will be done with your greatest-good in mind.


The 17th is great for being creative and allowing yourself to experience more pleasure. Do something that makes you feel good. Marketing and launching can also flourish at this time. The 24th offers a new moon in your 6th house of health. Scorpios are known for being inactive for periods of time; however, this new moon is here to give you a fresh perspective on what it means to value your health. The cosmos can provide abundant energy during this transit to help you create a new health/wellness beginning for yourself. A few things to remember: all changes happen from the inside-out & this means you need to be consuming alive & vibrant foods, drink more water, your physical activity doesn’t have to be strenuous or boring & remember to speak kindly to yourself. Set small commitments. Take more responsibility for what you put into your body. Drink more water. Move your body more & try your hardest not to say anything negative about anything. Anything. Especially when it comes to eating healthy and working out.


Overall, keep your mind and spirit open to the idea of receiving new ideas or opportunities. Some of you will experience some home/family related changes that could range from small renovations to relocation. Remember, to keep an open mind and trust that you are spiritually guided at all times, Scorpio. Go with the flow. It’s when you seem to stop trying to control your life, that you end up having more control of your life. Stop trying so hard, you’ve got everything it takes, naturally.