Color of the month: Peach

Song of the month: “Ain’t I” Remix – Young Dro, Yung L.A. T.I

Workout of the month: Cardio (walk, jog, skate etc.)

Themes: Taking more action, healthier habits, goals, career life and life’s pleasures. (click here for free natal chart)

Happy March, Sagittarius. Welcome to your monthly Hiyah-Horoscope. Mercury is still retrograde in the sign of Pisces until the 10th but makes a U-turn into the sign of Aquarius to focus on your social relationships. Friendships could be tense at this time and honestly, it’s because of something that needed to happen. Some of you will soon find out who are the true members of your “soul tribe”. Others will re-meet people from your past life, it’d be interesting to see how much you all have changed and grown since the last time you were involved. Don’t be surprised somewhere down the line you accept the idea of allowing that person back into your life, just remember to stay true to yourself at all times.


Venus enters your 6th house of work, health and service. Let Venus come in and help you make the changes you’ve always wanted to make. Don’t be afraid to look for more satisfying work, there’re several people who would love to speak well on your behalf to others. Apply for that job you really want. Start that business you know you’ll excel at. Take that creative risk on yourself, Sag. you’ve got so much to offer. Also, it’s time to get serious about your health. No more treating yourself unworthily. Some of you may begin to incorporate more fruits/vegetables into your daily diet, while others will increase positive behaviors & limit ineffective behaviors. Get creative. Any changes you make towards bettering yourself will leave you with desired results. You deserve to be free and happy.


There’s a full moon on the 10th of the month that lights up your 10th house of work and this can bring things to completion. Allow things the freedom to finalize and change without you getting all weird. Jobs/projects could complete around this time. Something about your career is about to be revealed to you. Are you satisfied with work? What changes would you like for your career? Some of you could be presented with an opportunity to change careers where you could feel more fulfilled in your spirit.


Mercury joins the sun and Neptune on the 17th to activate your 4th house. There’s lots of family/domestic energy going on at this time of the month. Family conversations this month can get real deep and Sagittarius your shoulder could be the one that everyone leans on. Heartfelt 1:1s are definitely on the menu and you’ll seem to know just what to say due to heightened intuition. However, keep your home’s energy high & vibrant by sprucing & doing some lite redecorating that uses bright colors. This will raise the energy of your home space. Speaking of home….home based businesses could be on the menu for some. How would you like to work from home?


The sun enters the 5th house on the 20th, which brings the attention to your creative pleasures & love life. Singles could meet someone this month that is lively, kind and ambitious. Let your creativity flow. Where are you not getting enough pleasure in your life? What would bring you more pleasure in life? There’s a new moon on the 24th that could give some of you the feeling of a fresh mind when it comes to initiating these ideas & turning them into action. It’s time to take action & control over your life. Surprisingly, one of the best ways to do this is simply by introducing ourselves to things that make us laugh & bring us joy just like when we were little kids. Set a couple of goals for yourself at the beginning of the month; Mars & Saturn will enter your 3rd house on the 24th to give you a cosmic boost in the right direction.