Color of the month: White

Song of the month: “85 to Africa” - Jidenna

Workout of the month: Martial arts for creative outlet

Theme: new social circles, financial maturity, creative outlets, inner dialogue & good vibes. (click here for free natal chart)

Happy Bearth Day, Pisces. March is where things really get going. Of course, mercury is still retrograde until around the 10th. Mercury leaves Pisces and backslides into Aquarius during the latter part of this retrograde. Aquarius is a very social and intellectual energy; this could play out in a variety of ways. Some of you will find yourself reconnected with groups/individuals from your past. If you find yourself dealing with someone(s) from the past, the retrograde wants you to relook at the details to see how they’ve changed. Retrogrades are a good way to measure your personal development based on how you respond and react to certain people/situations which could deliver positive outcomes. Saturn moves into Aquarius this month and stays until July which will make sure we’re developing the mature relationships you need around you. This retrograde allows you a chance to take a look this area of your life before Big Boss Saturn comes in and starts making these changes for you. Your social life is getting a really big upgrade right now. Will you join a community of people or will you create a community?

Take time for yourself to decompress and process the lessons you’ve learned so far this year. Meditate. Put your bare feet onto the earth as often as possible. Stretch and exercise to keep your body mutable. And, drink ample water for goodness sake. Venus enters Taurus on the 5th and this means more money that’s on its way to you. It could be money you’re already waiting on, but still….it’s right on time. You could feel like showering your loved ones with special possessions that represents your love for them. Don’t be surprised if you feel like spoiling your boo, even though it’s your season. But don’t feel bad if you’d rather spend all of that money on yourself, Pisces, it’s definitely your time to feel your best. “Can’t nobody love you, like YOU.” Singles, this includes you too, of course. However, love is definitely on the menu as we head towards the new year. Besides, you’re so vibrant at this time, so something great for yourself. Hang out with some people you’re actually interested in. Learn something new. Whatever. Also, time spent with kiddos this month will delight your inner child and creativity. It’s a great time for others to see who you are these days. You’re so refreshing and unique to others. Expand your mind. Expand your intuition. More confirmation, less doubt. You can’t manifest what you don’t fully believe is possible, right. The key is to not worry about the “how” and simply believe in the fact that it “is”. There’s so much goodness happening for you right now.

There’s a full moon in Virgo that’ll highlight our consciously selected relationships with people, places, things & behaviors. You may be thinking about the new you that you’re in the process of revealing to the world. What do you need to shed? Something’s holding you back and it shouldn’t. Some will be searching for more depth in your connections in general. Virgo is the healer and you may find yourself healing yourself on a new level. The inner talks with self are intense this month but they bring clarity and awareness. It’s time to stop playing and get serious about getting your mind and body into ideal health. You’ll want to set healthy boundaries for yourself little fishy, to help you remain focused. Workshops and conferences are great for meeting people that could help build your “soul tribe”. Aligning with the correct individuals is ideal for your health, Pisces. Remember, “birds of a feather.” This will also indirectly impact your financial maturity as well. Many of you need to update your financial plans. Do you spend too much? Where are you wasting money? If you’re feeling financially dissatisfied, it’s time you acknowledge your part & make some big-kid changes. Find out what changes you want to make because the new moon will provide refreshed eyes which will help you see them through. Overall, this month looks delish. Enjoy.