Color of the month: Tan

Song of the month: “Lonely No More’ – Rob Thomas

Workout of the month: team sports (tennis, baseball etc.) for relationship building

Themes: Changing relationships, new belief system, soul-work, wellness & self-first (click for free natal chart)

 Libra, welcome to March & things are heating up in your 1st house. Mercury is still retrograde in Pisces but slides into your sister sign of Aquarius on the 5th of the month to close out its seemingly backwards transit. It’s still wise to plan for extra travel time, review all documents/emails before sending & try to hold off on big purchases/deals until after the 9th.

Venus moves into your 8th house of resources, taxes, other people’s money. This transit will turn up the “feels” & you could find yourself wanting to be more than friends with a certain someone. Let Venus help you get you exactly what you want. Uncovering hidden information that can reveal where you may have been spending too much money. Some of you may receive money from a source that you would have never expected; as you should, right!. Others will have luck when it comes to finding all the hot deals that allows them to save money. either way, Venus in the 8th is a lovely energy.


The full moon on the 9th happens in the sign of Pisces which means everything unseen: emotions, dreams, reflection, intuition and more. This is a good time to take inventory on your spiritual foundation. Are you holding onto outdated ideas/beliefs? You already know the answer to this. So, the next thing to do is acknowledge what doesn’t make you feel fulfilled and either make adjustments so that you can move forward or simply leave it behind. This is how you create space within yourself. This full moon is getting you prepared for the changes that you’ve already been making in your relationships. One of February’s themes was “healing relationships” & your inner world has everything to do with this. Ultimately, all relationships begin & end with you…this is why the relationship with “self” is prioritized above all others. Where can you improve yourself?


The 16th is great for putting action behind the thoughts and desires you’ve been having about your health/healing. Some of you will find yourself becoming more in-tuned with your body to better understand what it is that you need. Just ask and listen, your body will always let you know what’s going on. It’s just that we often times ignore the signs our body reveals. But no more, Libra. It’s time to take control of your health because the body can heal itself if you allow it by doing things that don’t oppose its efforts. Keeping a daily journal or daily debrief where you actually state the things you’ve accomplished at the end of each day would increase your self-accountability level, indirectly impacting this area of your life.


After the 10th is good for reinitiating those important documents etc. this is also good energy for sending resumes. There’s a new moon energy that happens around the 24th that ushers in some changes in your relationship dynamics. Singles if you are interested in dating, you’ve got to put yourself in a position to win. That means, get out there and mingle. Coupled, libras could be gifted with a refreshed perspective in your love life. What could you do to make your connection with your partner more intimate or passionate? Every relationship you have whether it be with a person, place or thing is up for review. Many of you will be doing a “swap-out” where you’ll be leaving behind the obsolete in exchange for something more appropriate. Mars & Saturn light up your 5th house this month to turn up the desire for passion and action. Those of you who are able to channel your energy towards your personal goals/beliefs could themselves with favorable results.