Color of the month: Cool grays/greens

Song of the month: “Still Fly” – Big Tymers

Workout of the month: Yoga for flexibility

Theme: Spirituality, money-matters, reconsidering values and work-life change (click for free natal chart)

Hey there Leo. Mercury is still retrograde until the 10th of the month so hold off on signing contracts if you can & plan for extra travel time. on the contrary, if there was something that you initiated prior to the retrograde then it come very well finalize during this transit. For example, if you’ve been waiting for the paperwork process to complete regarding an important matter this could be the time when things get completed. Venus enters your house of career-life on the 5th of the month & this could result in some work changes that are favorable for you in the end. Are you doing what you love to do in your work? Venus could help bring joy to the work place some while others will trade their current careers for one that better suits their soul. If you don’t know what it is that you really love, start to think about the things you would love to do, along with things you already love to do. Writing things down can really help bring our thoughts/feelings and ideas to life. Work life plays a significant role in how we feel in other areas of our lives so it’s important to have a healthy work-life and Venus is here to help. Try looking for the silver-lining at work this week. You’ll find that what you focus on will be what you notice in life.

There’s a full moon on the 10th in your 2nd house of financial security, values & possessions will shine a light on what needs to be ended, acknowledged or adjusted when it comes to your finances. Are you spending too much? If so, where can you cut-back? Some of you will be forced to notice your financial flaws when the manifestations begin to unfold. Make the needed changes. You may also notice where you could be attracting more money to your life by noticing the skills/services you could get paid for. If you’ve got a talent that could earn you money, then around the 10th would be a good time to see where this could take you. Sure, there’re probably several people already doing whatever it is that you’re interested in……but, so what.? They aren’t you. Remember that. Get out there and show the world what you’ve got.

The 17th is a good time to reveal something. Have you been holding back some information: something intimate and personal that could really inspire others? Your story could help several others who may have experienced similar situations. This would be a great way to do soul-fulfilling work in the world, give-back & possibly generate additional income. It’d be a win-win. It’s not always easy to share the softer-sides of our-selves, but the reward could be one that’s priceless. Besides, who better to do something heartfelt than you, Leo? Singles could find themselves becoming intimate with a certain someone while partners could share deepen intimacy.

The new moon on the 20th lights up your 9th house of foreign travel, spiritual journey & expansion. This moon offers a refreshed perspective when it comes to how you view the world on a mental/spiritual level. Interests in astrology, occult sciences & more are all on the learning menu this month. Don’t limit yourself when it comes to your curiosities. Many will become more open to the ideas of tarot, horoscopes, numerology and synchronicities around this time. Some of you could experience changes in how you value or view the tangible world as a result of this 9th house energy. For example, you could begin to view/value money differently as a result of new beliefs you’ve adopted. Which could bring about unexpected benefits as a result. Remember that full-moon in your 2nd house of money & values? Well, yeah. Values & possessions get a new perspective with this new moon. Overall, it seems as if last month’s themes are singing the same tune as this month. Take time to yourself to quiet your mind & remember to trust in your abilities.


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