Color of the month: Greens

Song of the month: “Bounce Back” – Big Sean

Workout of the month: Tennis, Cross-fit for body & mind agility

Theme: Grand ideas, personal skill-set, privacy, home/family-life changes & new opportunities. (click for free natal chart)

Hey Gemini. March starts out with your ruling planet still in retrograde until the 10th and your personal skillset could come back up for review. What skills could you strengthen or build? There are interests in your mind that will provide you with nuggets of insight if you decide to explore their depths. All things higher mind and spirituality are on the menu. Speaking of spirituality, where are you in your spiritual journey? Are you honoring your soul? What is your soul’s purpose? These are the things to discover if you haven’t already. Venus enters your 12th house on the 5th which could reveal some beautiful ideas through your dreams. Some of you will have vivid dreams that leave behind clues you could use; be sure to write them down. Secrets and privacy may play a role as well, keep an eye out for these themes. You may tend to feel shy, or ultra-introvert at times but this doesn’t mean anything bad for couples, just in case you were wondering. All it means is that you two should create more alone time so that you can express yourself comfortably, if you can. Old memories of past lovers could come about & singles, could find themselves reconnected to past lovers/interests.


The full moon in your 4th house of home, family & domestic life will undergo some changes. Relocation and the idea of relocation could come back up for some of you. It could be time to make a change in this area of your life. You could even become dissatisfied with your living arrangements as the moon shines a light on the things we do & don’t want. Where do you see yourself living the most abundantly? The full moon will highlight what needs to be adjusted starting the 10th. Others could experience family dynamic changes as a result of the full moon. Overall, the theme here is your roots and where you want to plant them for your future.


The 17th is good for communicating across networks and sharing useful information. No one loves to chat more than you, Gem. Overall, general interactions and conversation with others looks great for you during the latter part of the month. There’s a new moon on the 20th in your 11th house of social-life. This is your chance to meet some interesting souls who could change your life in abstract ways. Decide the type of person you want to exchange energy with & watch the universe deliver. Singles, if you meet someone new & vibrant remember that time is a concept so don’t be so eager to rush or delay. Allow things to flow naturally without trying to use your intellect to control the situation. You’ll also be called to take a look at your soul’s calling to decide what it is that you really want? You have so many talents and gifts that you could share with the world. This could even earn yourself a lucrative income as a result which means you could possibly work for yourself, from anywhere. How exciting would it be to create this type of freedom for yourself; well, the cosmos are here to help you do whatever it is you want. Restructure your life if you’d like. You have the power. Dare to do something new? The last week of the month is good for those looking for business investors. You could catch the attention of those who’d like to help you a little….or a lot. You have favor and grace upon you, Gem. Be blessed.