Color of the month: Greens

Song of the month: “People Everyday” – Arrested Development

Workout of the month: H.I.I.T (High. Interval. Intensity. Training)

Theme: soul-tribe, financial maturity, new connections, “the feels” and communications (click for free natal chart) 

Hey Cancer, we hope your February was wonderful. March starts off with Mercury still retrograde until the 10th so remember to take it easy when traveling or signing paperwork. After the 10th gives the green light to start sending out those resumes for those who are ready for a career change. If you began something prior to the retrograde you could see it finalize during this transit. Venus enters your 11th house of social life and reputation. By cosmic design you could be introduced to a new social circle by someone you know. There could be some surprisingly unique people entering your life this month that’ll leave you feeling intrigued. You’re finding more members of your “soul group” & that should feel wonderful for you. Singles could hit it off with a friend, of a friend & that means you’ll be smothered in a wave a watery-feels. The good kind of course. Should such a connection develop, it could leave you feeling whimsical to say the least. So, get out there and find like-minded spirits.


Your 3rd house of communications, thinking, automobiles and technology gets highlighted on the 10th when a full moon directs focus on what needs to be changed, adjusted or ended in our career life. You may need to update or innovate the way you communicate with others. Especially if you have a business, this is when you could learn where you can strengthen your consumer interaction etc. Try to stay out of your head if you find yourself overanalyzing everything you notice. Don’t drain yourself. Pay attention to any unconscious behaviors you notice; they’re from your childhood & may need to be readjusted to fit your current life or removed all together. Folks may seem to need your should or ear quite a bit this month, but you don’t have to let empathy get in the way of your peace. Surely, listen to others but know when you’ve had enough of other people’s problems. Feel me. It’s a good time to hang with folks in your community. Learning some new skills that’ll enhance your communication with whoever your intended audience is.


You’ll be meeting new people this month: in-person or online. However, these new people are here to help you reach your higher self. They are mirrors sent here to serve as reflectors & reminders of your inner-self. Nonetheless, the people you meet at this time in your life were sent from the cosmos. Those of you who are romantically involved will enjoy the “ebs & flows” of the energies. You’ll have your moments this month when you’ll want to be extra “lovey-dovey” & then there will be moments where you retreat inside of your introvert-shell to regroup. Which sounds about right for the moody crab that you are. However, these moods aren’t ones that’ll necessary cause tension if they are allowed to come & go with ease. Exercise to spend extra energy, don’t keep it in your body.


What would you love to learn more about? There could be opportunities for you to learn or travel this month. New and exciting experiences. Your 10th house gets some attention which could cause others to show appreciation for the work you’ve been doing. If that’s not your scenario, then the sun here in your 10th house will simply give you that extra pep in your step. Remember, your light is beautiful and contributes to the world’s energy. Show some appreciation for life, by living it in a fulfilling way. Saturn moves into your 8th house of resources, taxes and banks to help you better organize your finances. Emotional healing is also on the menu as you’ll be moving past certain fears and ideas that obstruct your energy. Set small goals, the energies will help you see each of them through. You’ll feel more than pleased with the results.