Color of the month: Teal

Song of the month: “New Level” – ASAP Ferg & Future

Workout of the month: Weight lifting for mental strength

Theme: Discovering “self”, home-life changes, habits & thinking patterns (click here for free natal chart)

Hey there, Aquarius. This month has some interesting transits that you might find quite appealing. Mercury is still retrograde this month in Pisces, but back-steps into your sign during towards the end of its course. It’ll all be over on the 10th. Meanwhile, try not to make big unplanned purchases unless it’s needed. Plan for delays if you travel & this’ll help keep the peace in the event of a delay. Venus joins Uranus in your 4th house of domestic life. Venus in this house could help you get some ideas on where you’d like to live & other home/family matters. Others of you will feel better just by sprucing up the joint by adding new pillows or curtains to enhance the vibe. Home gatherings are also on the menu this month. Expect to create some much needed changes in this area of your life starting this month.


There’s a full moon on the 7th of the month in your 8th house of taxes and resources. What resources do you have that needs to be reviewed or adjusted? How are you spending your money? Watch your spending. The costs of eating out 5x a week adds up quickly. Where can you cut back? Also, what unique business ideas do you have? Some of you are sitting on business-idea goldmines and don’t even know it. Hidden talents could also be explored or shared with others around this time which could end up making you money. For example, let’s say you’re secretly good at dancing; well, you could train others for money as a side hustle. Your efforts will pay off in whatever it is you work towards. Put more emphasis in your gifts & talents because, my goodness, you have so many of them. Have faith in yourself. Others could receive anticipated money or taxes around this time. Remember, what we said about spending.


The sun enters your 3rd house of technology, transportation thinking and communication on the 20th. of the month. There’s also a new moon in the 3rd house on the 24th to help you gain a fresh perspective on how you show up socially. It’s a great time to network and hang out with folks from different backgrounds. Communications is strong right now and so is your thinking power. Saturn enters your 1st house on the 22nd and will stay until July. This is an opportunity for you to rebrand, reorganize, restructure and revamp your life. It’s time to start living the life you deserve. No more holding back. No more letting others hold you back. Discover more about your true self; there’s lots of inner-work on the menu. How beautiful? You’re about to change your life from the inside-out, Aquarius and the entire universe is here for it. These changes are inevitable so please allow yourself to evolve and grow. Mars joins Saturn on the 23rd to help give you the drive and fire you need to see any changes through. New opportunities will manifest for some. Others may feel like certain “blocks” are freed during this transit; either way the cosmos have got your back! So, be confident in yourself because you are divinely protected and guided. Eat more fresh foods and less packaged/processed foods for optimal mental clarity and health. Adjust your thinking habits to they are tuned to a higher and more positive frequency. Create a list of personal affirmations based upon your current desires: say them religiously.