Virgo June HIyah-Horoscope


Color of the month: Yellow

Song of the month: “Can You Hear Me” – Omarion, T-Pain  

Workout of the month: Jog (for mental space & clarity)

Theme: don’t stress, manifestations, new crew, big changes & sharing information (click for free natal chart)

Welcome to June. There’s a cosmic shift in the atmosphere this month due to the retrogrades & eclipses that take place this month. Many of you will be stepping into what seems like “uncharted waters,” with style & grace. As you should, Virgo. You’ve been in the midst of making so many life changes recently that several things could “pop off” for you this month. How exciting. Mercury is your ruling planet and it appears retrograde (RX) in the sign of Cancer on the 18th of the month. Expect to check your RX list twice when traveling to make sure you haven’t forgotten any documents etc. Take your time. Double check your work. Big transformations are up ahead for you this month and that means you’ll want to stay flexible. Especially, if details change at the last minute. Don’t get frustrated, just get creative in how you approach your solution. Don’t get yourself worked-up this month. Delayed responses could help give you extra processing time & make sure that you’re speaking your truth. Be on the lookout for verbal manifestations. Keep putting positive energy into the universe.

There’s so much 5th house activity and it starts on the 4th of the month with a lunar eclipse that will have many of you celebrating a “new beginning”. This energy will last for the next 6 months instead of the usual 4-weeks. Your home life is on the menu and some of you will be making some home-life changes. Your environment needs to make you feel at your best & you are making that happen. What you do in the home can also change. Keep a journal and make note of the trends you witness. Directly across the street in your 11th house of social status & reputation in the world is a party being hosted by Venus, the sun & moon. Expect home life and social life changes. Some of you will start connecting with a new group of people. This will make you feel refreshed and more aligned with your SoulTribe. Everything in your life seems to be upgrading to elevated levels. If you’ve been really thinking about doing a certain something. The cosmos want you to know that it’s a great time to try something new.

Employ more of yourself into your own endeavors. You don’t necessarily need to work for anyone else. However, if you are that’s not a problem. Just know that you are more than capable of taking care of your own. Whatever it is that you choose to do, make sure that you can share it with the world. Connecting with others is going to help make you stronger; there’s power in numbers. Virgo, you are the natural healer of the zodiac and it’s no wonder why many of you will find yourself teaching others how to better care for themselves in some way. The world needs your vision and knowledge. Exposing yourself may seem a bit intimidating, but you really have nothing to fear. Follow your higher-self when it tells you how to respond. Don’t be shy. 

Mars enters your house of money, taxes, debts and your partner’s resources on the 28th. You may need to get your finances in order. This has to be done, but shouldn’t be much of a hassle for you. Mars wants to heat up this area of your life with good vibes. Share your talents. They will earn you money. Don’t shy away from what makes you feel comfortable. Keep your spirits high with positive self-talk & lots of water. Mars in the 8th house means more sex. Intense even.

Venus is still RX in your 10th house of careers to make sure you’re happier with the work you do in the world. How was business for you last month? Changes are still unfolding so be on the lookout for the “signs” that help guide your path. No yelling. Don’t over-heat. Stay cool, calm & collected. Avoid “static brain” by meditating and working on one task at a time, even if you do have a million things to do. If you want something. Manifest that sh*t. It’s never the wrong time to live your life.