Taurus June Hiyah-Horoscope


 Color of the month: Greens

Song of the month: “Say It” – Ebz the Artist

Workout of the month: Yoga and Mantras

Theme: change in values, money opportunities, throat chakra, cyber world & mindset (click for free natal chart)

Welcome to June, Taurus. We are in the thick of retrograde (RX) season this month and there are many changes on the menu. Your mission this month is to stay open-minded, calm & reflective through it all. It’s highly suggested that you side-step your tendency to be stubborn & try viewing your world from multiple perspectives. On 4th, there’s a lunar eclipse in your 8th house of money, resources, taxes and other people’s money. Personal investments and finances could increase for some while others will see financial gains through their partner’s income. Either way, it’s going to benefit you Taurus. Soothing debts can be on the menu for some and this could cause you to readjust your finances. Pay attention to your financial needs.

Mercury RX on the 18th in your 3rd house of communication, vehicles, thinking & technology until July 11th. Double check your words & responses before you hit “send”. This RX is great for bringing things to completion: books, podcasts, websites, gadgets etc. Remember, that a RX doesn’t have to be frustrating if you learn to slow down and pay attention. Try not to get ahead of yourself this month because there’s a “slowing” of the energies that may cause delays in manifestations. Avoid new projects and focus on the ones you’ve already started.

There’s a solar eclipse on the 21st that also lights up your 3rd house. The focus is on how you communicate with folks. It’s time to find your voice; Taurus rules the throat chakra and the cosmos are here to help you create alignment. Speak up if you don’t say the things you need to. Speak kindly to people & don’t use your words to harm. Are you sharing enough of your knowledge with the world? Your voice in addition to technology could result in some powerful manifestations. On a more personal tip, watch how you speak to yourself. What’s your self-talk like? You’ve matured so much over this past 1 ½ Taurus and this transit only wants to help you become the best version of yourself. Create a list of positive affirmations and say them daily. Praise yourself, daily. Be honest with yourself, daily. Advocate for yourself, daily.

Your relationship with money gets a review because of the Venus RX in your 2nd house of values. How you value money is definitely changing. Venus could show you some new money-making possibilities that could make you more money. You’ve just got to stay open-minded. There’s a good chance to make something lucrative happen with your voice and technology. However, the cosmos want to show you some untaken paths that will lead you to places you couldn’t have imagined for yourself. Stepping more into the cyber world is going to where some of you excel. Overall, stay flexible this month by staying properly hydrated. Mantras (VAAM, LAAM, GAA) are good for centering the energies in your chakras. “GAA” is best for the throat chakra and creativity. Allow yourself to be free in your thoughts and mind, Taurus. Remember, “Free your mind and the rest will follow”- EnVogue. You won’t even think the same after this is all over.