Scorpio June Hiyah-Horoscope


Color of the month: Orange

Song of the month: “Lollipop” – Lil Wayne

Workout of the month: Martial arts, boxing, CrossFit

Theme: Good food, serious money, clearing debts, evolving mindset & changed values (click for free natal chart)

Hey there, Scorpio. Welcome to your June Hiyah-Horoscrope. Eclipse season takes-off while retrograde (RX) season extends. Remember, Venus is still retrograde in your 9th house of higher-mind, travel, luck & spirituality. Your advice is to stay flexible but grounded at the same time. You’re a “fixed” sign and your ability to stay fixated one particular detail or one way of approaching challenges is going to get old really fast for many of you. It’s time to do something you’ve never done, to get something you’ve never had. That also means, you could feel unsure about certain life areas and instead of freaking out about it, trust the cosmos & more importantly your HIYAH-self. You tend to doubt or downplay yourself because you’re hard on yourself. But expect your self-talk to improve over the next 6 months. Fam. You’re about to experience the “stuff” that life is made of: uncertainty & faith. AKA “the ride of your life”. Create a list of small goals to achieve before 2020 ends, to keep you focused.

To make life a little sweeter, there will be a lunar eclipse in your 2nd house of financial security, tasty cuisines, values and personal resources on the 4th of the month. The lunar energy influences this month will last up to 6 months, so be on the lookout for trends & details that reveal themselves during the 2nd half of 2020. Venus is RX in your 8th house directly across the street. Remember, the 8th house rules debts, taxes, hidden talents, rebirth & joint resources. Do you see what’s happening here, Scorpio? The cosmos are getting you ready for a financial renovation. Be clear about how this could play out for you. Some of you will have to experience exactly what you don’t to have a better understanding of your desires. Others of you will experience financial gains and opportunities that boost this area of your life. You could also find yourself wanting to become more financially independent. If you’ve been working on a project or waiting on something to finalize, it could complete during this time.

Mercury goes RX on the 18th of the month in your 9th house of travel & mental expansion. Take some time to think about new things that take your mind to new places. Let yourself dream.

The sun also enters the 9th house, but the highlight is the solar eclipse that also occurs here. Your spiritual or religious beliefs are the star of the show. What do you believe, Scorpio? And why do you believe it? Challenge yourself and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Research and teach yourself as a matter of fact. You’ve also got some interesting conversations lined-up this month about the deeper aspects of life. Allow your mind to travel if you aren’t physically able to travel. Whether you can travel or not, something new and foreign is on the menu for you. Pay attention the new additions to your life, they could range from people, places, things or ideas. Either way, your mind is elevating to a new level & it is important to take care of yourself on all levels to maintain good health. Eat more fresh foods & dodge the fried foods and alcohol as much as you can. As restrictive as this sounds, it’s really a chance for you to get creative. Many of you have been flexing your food skills, lately. Keep it up. Also, Scorpio, don’t allow body to become stagnant, this will indirectly affect your mindset & mood. Stay flexible, literally.

Singles could find someone they share a deep connection to, while couples could take their relationship to a more meaningful level. Allowing someone further into your heart could be a result of the fact that our perspectives widen & time slows during retrogrades. Take this time to learn more about yourself. What do you value in life? Who do you value? How do you treat the things that you value, really? Try not to take anything too personal this month, we’re all trying to make it. Let things be and don’t trip over stuff you can’t control. Read that again. You’ve been working on “letting go” since last month. Leave a comment and tell us how that’s been working for you so far. Scorpio take care of your mind, body & finances. Speaking of body, Mars enters your 6th house of daily habits to help you take initiative on creating more abundance for yourself. You can also maximize on this energy to help you reach any fitness goals. P.S. create a list of positive affirmations and say them as often as you can remember.