Sagittarius June Hiyah-Hororscope


Color of the month: Purple (for respect) 

Song of the month: “Got Your Money” – Ol Dirty Bastard, Kelis, Rich Travali

Workout of the month: Cardio

Themes: Self-value, financial audit, stand up for yourself, resources & assets   (click for free natal chart)

Hey, Sag. You get the chance to make some pretty big changes in your life. You’re halfway through your birth year, there’s only 6 more months until your next birthday. Take some time to think about your personal efforts and progress. How do you feel about them, honestly? If you’ve been grinding & putting in the work, then you may be witnessing some correlated manifestations if you haven’t already. Stay on the lookout for those little signs the universe gives to us. It’s not uncommon to simply ignore or quickly rationalize what was heard. Either way, you know what needs to be done, Sag. Your job is to stop running from the commitments you need to make to yourself while there’s still time.

Speaking of “self” there’s a lunar eclipse in your first house. What would you like to acknowledge or adjust about yourself? Over the next 6 months, this area of your life will need your attention. Allow the moon to clear out any outdated beliefs or practices that lowers your vibe. If you need to take better care of your physical body, then the cosmos will help you make these changes. Here’s the thing, what needs to happen is already written. Which leads to the question, “Are you going to make the necessary adjustments using your own free-will? Or will the universe force you into doing what’s best for yourself?” Many of you have chosen the “free-will” route for a smoother transit experience. Others may start to notice a bunch of stuff about themselves they aren’t satisfied with. Either way, your relationship with yourself gets a change in perspective as the full-moon offers a closer look at how you’ve been treating yourself. The changes within your personal relationship will soon spill over into your worldly relationships. Stay flexible this month by stretching your physical body & not allowing yourself to stress.

Your chosen relationships with others are going to be up for review as well this month. Remember, Venus is retrograde (RX) in your 7th house of balance. Where’s the balance between you and your chosen relationships. If you’ve been choosing ANYTHING over yourself for ANY reason, then it’s time to make some changes. Nobody deserves more from you, than you. Periodt. Toxic relationships with people, places and things get trashed over the next 6 months. You’re going to have to be cool with letting life happen, Sag. Mercury goes RX in your 8th house of shared resources, sex, death, taxes & deep connections. The sun & moon offer a solar eclipse on the 21st of the month and this will bring more attention to cleaning up any loose ends found in your financial folder. Take a closer look at your assets and resources, you’re probably overlooking something that could benefit you. Some of you will need to tidy up your finances and handle old debts.

How do you use your resources? How do you use other people’s resources? How do you value money? Find out what you care about and then put more time into whatever it is. You’ll be attracted to yourself & will value yourself in new ways. Contracts could complete at this time, however, it’s not best to begin a new contract. Use your creative thought power to manifest something big for yourself. Your sign is known for its fired-up ideas that turns the world “on”. Besides, who better than you to have all the things they desire. Don’t act like it’s impossible, because it isn’t. Expect some powerful mind activity all month, so keep your journal or notepad handy. If it comes to your mind, write it down. Let the manifestations begin.