Pisces June Hiyah-Horoscope


Color of the month: Green (for peace)

Song of the month: “Love and Happiness” – Al Green

Workout of the month: Cross-fit or outdoor activities (hiking etc.)

Theme: unplug the world, career changes, different home life, more fun & be free. (click for free natal chart) 

Hey there, Pisces. Welcome to your June Hiyah-Horoscope. We’re still in the midst of retrograde (RX) season & eclipse season also kicks-off this month. There will be lots of changes happening around you. Some big, some smaller. However, you get a chance to flex your mutability by going with the flow & getting creative with how you approach challenges. You are offered a new perspective to allow for a chance to review what’s been happening in your world. We often get so used to living on “go” that we don’t appreciate the down-time. If you find yourself getting all bent out of shape over slow developments, try unplugging from the world. Turn off your phone. Take off your shoes & place your feet upon Mother Earth. Allow the cosmos to work & trust all will be fine. Try not to over-wire yourself this month, take breaks & naps as needed. Some of you will take social media breaks to allow your mind time to breathe.

There’s a lunar eclipse in your 10th house of careers and over the next 6 months, be on the lookout for how this plays out for you. Some will leave jobs in exchange for their passions & dreams. Others will engage in a new direction, leaving one career-field for another. Many of you will be experiencing some major changes to your home & domestic life. Some of you will be relocating or renovating, while others will see changes in who lives in the home with you. Either way, you get a chance to evaluate what the word “home” means to you. There’s a chance to redefine this entire area of your life. Home and career life are made to be 2 of the most important areas in today’s society because their balance plays a crucial role in one’s overall happiness. Pisces, you’re about to create more happiness & abundance for yourself. Home based business opportunities can present themselves to help soothe any endings & adjustments that need to happen. Family members and loved ones can make amends during this transit; especially between you & your parents.


Singles could find potentials during the Venus RX, keep things light and fun. You’ll have a better understanding of how you feel about them in a couple of months. Happy days are here and near. Speaking of “happy”, mercury goes RX in your 5th house of love and happiness. Here’s one way to go about it all; allow your creative mind to wander and take you unfamiliar places. Your path could seem unsure right now, but trust that it still leads to your dreams. You are cosmically guided & protected, Pisces. Enjoy the scenic route in life. You’re about to experience some beautiful transitions that will change how you feel about some of your closest held beliefs. Let this happen. Incomplete projects can finalize during this time. The 21st sparks a power transit whose influences could last up to 6 months. Your 5th house of romance, children, creativity & fun is visited by the sun, moon & mercury. Earths’ illuminators offer a solar eclipse that’ll keep the party jumping until the end of 2020. Take time to nurse your inner-creator and get back to the arts. Go to the galleries, study art, read books, spend time in nature. You will find much inspiration just by observing the world from the moment you’re currently experiencing. Stay present. You’ve got a keen eye for all things unique and often despise the idea of being like everyone else, Pisces. Well, it’s a great time to show what you’ve got. You and 20 other people could be assigned the same exact task, and no one’s would out-unique yours. Free inner-child, little fishy & have fun. You’ll learn so much about yourself that’s worthy to be appreciated.

Take notice of the company you keep. Many of you have been wanting a new crew & you’ll begin to find some of your tribe members. Who do you want to know? How do you want to connect with others? Find people who share the same ideas of “fun” as you. You’ll soon find people who share similar beliefs. Mars in your 2nd house helps bring action to your money matter pursuits to help make strong strides forward. Be aware to not become frustrated with the energies. Things are playing out slower than usual; practice patience. Don’t be afraid to step away from a challenge for a 1 or so. This will allow your tension to subside. It’s possible to even receive some information that’ll help your situation, even though you’ve stepped-away for a moment. You don’t have to constantly apply pressure, it’s going to work itself out.