Libra June Hiyah-Horoscope

Libra June Hiyah-Horoscope


Color of the month: Earth colors for balance

Song of the month: “Git Up, Git Out’” – Outkast, Goodie Mob 

Workout of the month: Kickboxing, Pilates, (high activity workouts)

Themes: Financial changes, deeper meanings, change of heart, healthier life & speaking up (click for free natal chart)

Welcome to your June Hiyah-Horoscope, Libra. There’s so much in store for you this month. Remember, we are in the thick of retrograde (RX) season; not to mention, eclipse season begins this month. Eclipse energies last 6 months, pay attention to the signs because your perspectives are changing. Major life-changes can transpire for you this month, your job is to stay receptive and open-minded. There’s a lunar eclipse in your 3rd house of communication, technology & thinking. Over the next 6 months, some of you will become more open to sharing your thoughts with others. Your mind power is brilliant and fair, but libras can often be a bit reserved with their words. This transit will bring balance between your thoughts and how you communicate with yourself and others. Be on the lookout for maturity in this area over the 2nd half of 2020. Also, any projects that deal with the 3rd house could complete during this time. How rewarding.

Your 10th house of career-life and life’s work is already occupied by Venus who will appear to be RX until the 25th. The 21st, will offer a solar eclipse that’ll present some choices and opportunities for you to accept. Your inner-worlds and outer-worlds have been out-of-sync for some time, now. The cosmos encourage you to dive into your passions & decide what you’d like to offer the world during this new season of your life. Research your interests & align them with your dreams. We hope you’re ready for what’s next, Libra. You’re about to show-up in ways that you never have before. Good. We’re here for it all. Will this upgrade require an updated mindset & attitude from you? Sure. But this is your life; hopefully, you can stay out of your own way. This means, no more half-stepping. No more of the comfy or “status-que” vibes when it comes to your dreams. “You’ve got to get up, get out and get something.” – CeeLo Green. Your home-life is also going to be a major focus in June. Your home life is “itching” for a change and many of you will be relocating or making domestic transitions. However, this plays out it’s for your greatest good. What do you need from your partner? Make sure you’re fulfilled, Libra. Some of you will even use this time to create businesses that operate from your home. Overall, you need more freedom in your career & home-life, Libra. The cosmos are here to help you manifest it all.

Mercury goes RX in your 9th house of higher-learning, spirituality and travel. Pre-planned trips are on the menu. Double check the details before you travel and be flexible if last minute changes happen. If you can’t physically travel to a foreign land, take some time to learn about anything foreign or “new”. Some of you will be reviewing your belief system and looking for areas where you can apply upgrades. Studying other cultures could help bring insight. You don’t have to believe the same things your entire life, Libra. It’s probably best that your beliefs change because it represents wisdom and growth. Don’t be afraid to contradict yourself. I know the world makes it seem like it’s “illegal” to change your mind at times, but “who cares?” Do you. If you learn something new that causes you to contradict yourself; embrace it. Start believing so much in yourself that you stop caring what others think of you. Be true to yourself. Whoever doesn’t understand it, wasn’t meant to understand. Let it be. 

Mars enters your house of relationships (the chosen ones) to help bring the action. What’s your relationship with your job? Don’t like it? Cool. Mars is here to help you take initiative for those who seek change. Don’t like your living arrangements? Cool, Mars can help give you the courage to take the next step. Don’t like how you feel about yourself? Cool, Mars will help you work on your most important relationship, which is the one with “Self”. 

Every major aspect of your life is up for renewal at this time. Libras who have been looking for a “fresh start” will enjoy the opportunity to fine-tune their entire lives. Stay receptive in your mind and heart this month. Say how you feel when you need to. Don’t suppress, it’s back for your chakras. Drink plenty of water and spend time with people that make you feel loved and inspired.

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