Leo June HIyah-Horoscope


Color of the month: Red

Song of the month: “Tempo” – Smino

Workout of the month: Sports (team activities)

Theme: creative outlets, inner-self, changing beliefs, freedom, studying and higher-self (click for free natal chart) 

Welcome to the month of June, there are so many changes in store. More than likely you are going to appreciate the outcomes. Remember we are in the thick of retrograde (RX) season; eclipse season also kicks off this month. If you are looking to make some dynamic life changes June will help you take inventory on the parts of your life that you want to change. Here’s the thing, you’ll want to accept the idea of changes happening around you. It’s not uncommon for you to get “stuck in your ways”. Remember that change is good. I mean, think about how the world would be if things never changed. Besides, it’s all in how you respond to what’s happening. It’s all about perspective & perception. Feel me. Allow changes to unfold & take stock in knowing the cosmos work for your greatest good, at all times. You’ll want to keep a level head this month; take extra time to process your thoughts before responding. Especially in intense situations that could lead to tempers flaring.

There’s a lunar eclipse on the 4th of the month that hones in on your 5th house of love, children, and creativity. Singles could meet someone new that’ll spark your love-interest. No need to rush, though. Take time to see if this person fits your vibe on a deep level. Don’t forget that Venus is still RX & feelings have the potential to subside once the energy goes direct again. Either way, you should be having fun and learning more about yourself at the same time. Speaking of fun, some of you need more fun, while others need less. Balance. Where do you need to be more creative? Allow yourself to use your craftiness to your advantage. If you love to do something, then it probably has the potential to make you money. This transit is all about discovering 2 things: what makes you the happiest & healthiest in life. Whatever it is, pursue it. Journaling will help you track how things will play out over the next 6 months. The mission is for you to feel more love & freedom in your heart.

Mercury goes RX in your 12th house of spirituality, inner-dreams and hidden information. There will be some changes made to your life journey. Many of you will tap more into your spiritual gifts & aspects to help you ascend to the next level of your higher-self. You’re in the midst of creating a beautiful soul transformation. You will want to see the world from a deeper perspective. There’s so much more going on in the world than what the human eye can interpret & you’ll be offered the chance to view life from a deeper perspective. Equip yourself with the mental and spiritual tools you’ll need to raise your vibe and protect your energy. Ground yourself. Make sure you take things slow and don’t make any major decisions on new matters if you can help it. You may not feel the same about your decisions once the planet goes direct again. Letting go of old beliefs and systems will make you feel amazing and free within yourself. Double check travel plans and signed documents & contracts. Watch for communication troubles and show compassion.

On the 21st, the sun moves into your 6th house and there’s also a solar eclipse that will focus on this area of your life for the rest of the year. Leo, many of you have already experienced the “itch” to stop chasing ideals and start chasing your dreams, and there are more of you who are starting to feel the same. It’s time to turn those dreams into a reality.

Create balance in your life. No more being stressed about working too much or not enough. You will also need to create time to plan for healthier meals and exercise. Here’s the thing, many of you have already started taking steps towards bettering yourself. Just know that we see you, fam. We see you. Keep it up. Mars enters your 9th house of mental expansion, travel and higher education. This energy will keep your curiosity peaked all month. If an interest comes to your mind. Research it. Learn about it. It’s wise to always seek higher knowledge in efforts to reach for your higher-self. Take things slow this month and really discover what truly makes your heart smile. Your inner-child is yearning for your love and attention. Remember, your inner-child is the realest version of yourself, Leo. Get rid of doubting beliefs and stop being so hard on yourself. How you see yourself today vs 6 months from now will be mind-blowing. You are growing more comfortable with the idea of living for “self” and realizing nothing else really matters. Everything that is for you, is already yours. Take a chance. Make a change.