Gemini June Hiyah-Horoscope

Gemini June Hiyah-Horoscope


Color of the month: Light colors

Song of the month: “Money Ain’t A Thang” – Jay-Z

Workout of the month: Weights / calisthenics

Theme: Slower pace, money flow, new chapter, big changes & dynamic changes (click for free natal chart)

Welcome to June, Gem. There’s a lot of cosmic action that you’ll find pretty appeasing. We’re still in the thick of retrograde (RX) season, but things become a little more complex with the start of eclipse season. There are several changes in store for you that will leave you more than satisfied with life, overall. You’ll have a different perspective on your life that will allow you to see things from a broader point of view which means you don’t take things as personal. Events play out slower than normal this month to allow you a chance to see what’s really going on. You’ll have the time to notice what’s working for you and what’s not. Stay present and try not to get all anxious if results seem delayed. Chill, fam. Everything is good. Just pay attention. 

Your relationships are going to be highlighted for the next 6 months. Pay attention to how “chosen” relationships play out for the 2nd half of the year. Singles could end their single-phase. Some couples will decide to go separate ways. Others will be seeking a deeper balance in their unions. Remember, all relationships start and end with “self”. So, if you decide to make any changes in your relationship commit to them within yourself before you commit to someone else. Often times our personal adjustments are enough to rectify certain situations. Your relationship with money is also on the menu due to Venus being RX in your 2nd house of values and possessions. Venus will show many of you new ways to bring money into your life. It’s possible that you’ll bring in money from multiple streams; this will elevate your pockets for sure.  

The 2nd house of values and possessions invites the sun (Happy Bearth Day) and a solar eclipse on the 21st of the month. Remember, Venus is stationed RX in the same house. Here’s the thing. Your money life is getting an upgrade & this is just what you needed to help you excel to the next level. It’s time for a change, Gemini and the new beginnings offer a chance to take your whole life to the next level. This new moon energy happens in the sign of Cancer, which means values and money surrounding the home can be a theme for some. Making more money from your home can play out for those who have been working towards these efforts. Contracts can complete at this time. It’s time to get paid, Gemini. Speaking of money, what does it mean to you? What role does it play in your life? How much of it do you need? Are you spending too much time trying to earn money? Assess your values about money and possessions. Moving to a new place will offer a fresh perspective on your material possessions. Themes like, “quality vs quantity” and “want it vs need it” can show up this month to help you gain a better focus on what it is that you truly desire. The thoughts and feelings are here to bring insight. Nothing more, nothing, less. You don’t have to get caught up in the stories that play-out in your head, Gemini. Just stay present. Do things that keep your mental and physical vibes high. Eat fresh foods & get fresh air. Fresh air is good for your lungs.

Speak positive affirmations about what you value. For example, if you value money try proclaiming, “I have an abundance of money. I have more than enough money to fulfill my wants and needs.” Set those intentions by telling the universe what to reveal to you. Believe that you deserve your desires, Gem. Because that’s the only way they will manifest for you. You’ve got to believe. Stay true to yourself. Stay present. Some of you are becoming more comfortable with starting this new chapter in your life: it’s going to play out in major ways. Let the changes begin because they’re all for your greatest good. Listen to your intuition & use your emotional intelligence to help you navigate your days this month. Things are going to move slowly this month, so stay chill and don’t get in your head about the “what ifs”.

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