Capricorn June Hiyah-Horoscope


Color of the month: Gray

Song of the month: “D’Evils” – SIR

Workout of the month: Upper body & core

Theme: evaluating friendships, patience, health-tip, lifestyle changes and daily life & career (click for free natal chart)

 Capricorn, welcome to your June Hiyah-Horoscope. You’ve been in the process of making some major and minor lifestyle changes since December, but specifically last month.  For many of you, May’s themes will correlate with June’s theme. The cosmic energies are intense and insightful. The eclipses want to show you the areas of your life that are on your upcoming “to-do” list. Eclipse energies can last up to 6 months, so keep track of how your life unfolds during the 2nd half of 2020. A dream/event journal would help you become more aware of the patterns and signs from the universe that were specifically tailored to your personal journey. Be patient and allow events to unfold naturally. Take more time for yourself & let your spirit be at ease with the changes that unfold. Speaking of your spirit, there’s a lunar eclipse in your 12th house of the spiritual world, dreams, emotions & intuition. Some of you will be reviewing your beliefs by having them be challenged. Others will begin to question the core of their ideals on their own. Either way, you’re about to find out where your inner-world needs to be updated. Do your beliefs fit who you’ve become anyway? Honestly? Be a leader, even when its uncomfortable. Do your own thing because its best for you, not because its best for those around you.

A bunch of y’all have been treating your minds and body with more love lately & the Venus retrograde (RX) in your 6th house of daily life & career will make life a little sweeter. “Sweeter” is subjective in this conversation and some of you will take this figuratively by doing sweet things for yourself. Treat yourself to something new or take yourself on a nice date where you go “all out” for self. It’s not as if you don’t deserve it, Cap. Others will make life taste sweeter thanks to Venus’s influence. Enjoy yourself by creating your own desserts to control portions and ingredients. You may also enjoy the time spent baking if you’re able to be silent with your thoughts. Spending time in nature and in your inner-world will make you feel content. Be on the lookout for your lazy tendencies. Find ways to nurture your body. One way to do this is simply by thanking your body with your words. Words heal.

Mercury goes RX in your house of partnerships and balance. Don’t start new contracts or projects; however, it’s a good time to compete these things. If something needs to be reviewed or redone, take time to pay attention to what went wrong instead of becoming flat-out upset. Acknowledge what needed to be done properly the first time and do better next time. Relationships get the opportunity to find a new balance. Making sure your needs are met is the motive, here. But, before you start to look at the other person for answers, you’ve got to remember that all changes start from within. Single could start new relationships, while couples can either strengthen bonds or terminate them. The dynamics of your chosen relationships will receive an overhaul during the 2nd half of 2020. You’ll be directed to look at the relationships that are out of balance, this could play out in a variety of ways. Nothing or no one gets a pass. Whether you’re in a toxic relationship with a person, object or behavior, it’ll need to be balanced. 

Taking care of yourself is high on your list this month. You’ll start to see how your physical world reflects your inner-world. The changes you’ve made within yourself. Couples could feel that “spark” again. You could develop the type of partnerships you desire that’ll help you excel in life. Mars comes into your 4th house of home life and family. There could be an increase of home-related responsibilities or action in your home. Use this action to make some changes in your home to get those pesky chores completed.