Cancer June Hiyah-Horoscope

Cancer June Hiyah-Horoscope


Color of the month: Yellow

Song of the month: “Motivated” – Mitch

Workout of the month: Calisthenics

Theme: Slow changes, personal development, no hard feelings, fresh start and motivated (click for free natal chart)

Happy Bearth Day! Welcome to June Cancer, this month will have its ebbs & flows. You will benefit from honoring your inner-self and its needs. Expect your emotions and relationships to change over the next 6 months and you’re about find out, why. You will create stronger alliances that’ll help you excel to the next stage of your journey. This also means certain relationships dynamics will change for many of you, and before you get all emotional about it, Cancer. Remember the phrase, “Everybody can’t go”. This isn’t a bad thing; or at least it doesn’t have to be. Things still unfold pretty slowly this month so make sure that you “chill” during the “ebbs”. This doesn’t mean you won’t get things accomplished, at all. Overall, your perspective widens so that you can really see all the moving parts of your life.

There’s a lunar eclipse in your 6th house of work, health & daily activities that will ignite many of you to start that “thing” your spirit keeps repeating. You know what you already need to do in this area of your life, Cancer. No one can make these changes for you, except YOU. Take ownerships of your life, fam. Don’t act like there isn’t much time to do it, because there is. The universe has got all the time, but you don’t. Don’t sleep on yourself or the things you can accomplish. Take your health and lifestyle to the next level. Some of you will transform your entire mind and body before 2020 ends.  Keep track of what you start now, so that when December arrives, you’ll see how the cosmos have been helping you revamp this area of your life. But you’ve got to do the real work, not that “looking busy” type of stuff. Also, how are you helping others through your work? And why haven’t you started that business, yet?

Mercury goes retrograde (RX) in your 1st house and this will have many of you feeling a strong desire to share more of yourself with the world. The information you obtain wants to be shared with the masses. Set up your camera and start engaging with the world, Cancer. For those who take chances will reap rewards they hadn’t even imagined. But first, you’ve got to ask yourself some serious questions like, “How do you want to dress?” or “Who do you want to be in the world?” and “What do you want to be known for?” This RX is about to change the way you speak, think and communicate with yourself and the rest of the world. There’s a new you emerging and we’re all here for it.

It’s all about you, Cancer. I mean, it’s your birthday. It’s your personal New Year and whatever you’re working on will get a cosmic boost that could also last up to 6 whole months, thanks to the solar eclipse in your 1st house that happens on the 21st. This energy is all about how you see yourself vs how you want to see yourself. Showing more love to yourself will allow others to show you more love in return. Some of you will be revamping your closest relationships, starting with the one between you and yourself. Many of you will be stepping into your power on a deep level. Others will be delighted to connect with you; some of you will develop life-changing relationships during this time. What a wonderful thing!?

There could be an event that challenges your entire belief system. If this happens, try to see your world from a new point of view. It’s not always easy to let go of an idea that’s been with you for a long time. As we change and grow our beliefs also evolve, let this happen. Don’t condemn yourself for thinking. Besides, here’s something to think about. What if things never changed? Yikes. Mars will give you the courage and energy you need to see your professional goals to the end. Remember, time is moving slower than usual right now, or so it seems. Stay tenacious. Stay grounded. Stay focused and speak positively over yourself and your relationships; including the one with your business. Enjoy your Bearth month, Cancer.

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