Aries June HIyah-Horoscope


Color of the month: White or Tan (to stay neutral and cool)

Song of the month: “Don’t Take It Personal” – Monica

Workout of the month: Hot Yoga

Themes: family & home life, level-headed, new beliefs, chill pill & love talk .      (Click here for your free natal/birth chart)

We are ½ into year 2020 and things have been rapidly changing all around us, but your mission this month is to stay flexible and control your responses. June starts off with a lunar eclipse in your 9th house of mental expansion, luck, spiritual beliefs and foreign places. This lunar energy will last for 6 months instead of the usual 4 weeks. Whatever you decide to start or change during this time will show its results in December 2020. You’ll be searching for deeper meanings & trying to put things into perspective for the next 6 months. These things take time, try to be flexible if your plans don’t play out exactly how you want. Research and learn about things that will expand your belief system and mindset (numerology, synchronicities, symbolism etc.) This will help you to respond to the changes (or challenges) you may encounter this month. Relocation and travel are also on the menu for those who are open. Some of you may be considering dual-addresses that will let you bounce from place to place, comfortably.

Mercury retrogrades (RX) on the 18th in your house of domestic life, family and home. Remember Venus and Saturn also went RX last month. If you have never been advised to “chill out” on your hot a** temper and slick mouth, then let that happen right now. You wouldn’t want to haul-off and say something regretful to someone, do you? That’s the type of stuff that could happen if you avoid working with the energies this month. Take some time to observe how you talk to people; especially, the ones you asked to be in your life. Everyone deserves respect, fam. Besides, you’ll want folks around you to be happy because you could find yourself celebrating in some sort of way. RXs can often trigger things that needed to complete; like a home-related project you’ve been working on finalizing. If issues or delays occur, try to see what the cosmos are trying to help you avoid; instead of becoming frustrated over the fact things didn’t go your way. Take a look at your home life in general. How happy is your family? How inviting is your home? Take some time to see what needs to be tweaked so that everyone’s vibe becomes higher.

Cancer season kicks off on the 21st, with the sun also entering your 4th house of home & family. The sun craves attention and that means you’ll be more focused on the makings of your home. Don’t be surprised if many of you experience some big changes in this area of your life over the next 6 months. Why 6 months? Well, there’s a solar eclipse that takes place in your 4th house. As you can see Aries, there are changes in your home life that will unfold in a beautiful way. Eclipse energies last for 6 months instead of your standard moon energy. Things are being highlighted for you and it all deals with your home-life. Rediscover what home means to you. What makes you feel “at home”? Where do you want your home to be? What do you need from your family? It’s about to get really, real around here when it comes to the “feels” and expressing how you feel. Do you feel safe in your home or marriage? If not, big changes will come about over this last part of the year. It’s almost as if the universe is aligning everyone, whether they’ve been actively trying to or not.

Venus is still RX, so singles could find love again. This love could be with something technological or even a person. You could fall in love with your voice, again. Sing. Read aloud. Express yourself. There’s so much happening this month and Mars in your 1st house of self will make sure you have the energy and drive to get it all done. This will also help kickstart that new “self-care” upgrade you’ve been thinking about. Take care of your whole self, Aries. And don’t let your ego or pride keep you from bettering yourself. What have you done for yourself lately? Stay present. Don’t be aggressive. Take the long route in your approach to make sure your words match your intention. And don’t be afraid to acknowledge what’s no longer working in for you; especially when it comes to your home-life. Singles could change their status. Couples can separate. Remember, everything works for YOUR greatest good, know that. Happy days are here & near.