Aquarius June Hiyah-Horoscope


Color of the month: Yellow

Song of the month: “Unpredictable” – Jaimee Foxx

Workout of the month:   Sports (team activities)

Theme: friend’s list, self-pride, romance, happy place & day-2-day life               (click for free natal chart)

Welcome to your June Hiyah-Horoscope. There’re going to be some pretty noticeable changes that transpire this month, let’s take a look at what to expect. You’re changing your world from the inside out & you’ll be excited at the opportunities that present themselves. You’ll try to keep a cool-head this month as your perspective widens. This will help you see all sides of a situation before responding, which saves you possible frustration & more. Practice your patience & stay out of business that isn’t yours. You’ve got your own solutions to conjure up. Keep in mind there are planets in retrograde (RX) and details can be overlooked. Double check your works. No new contracts. Pre-RX projects & paperwork could get completed.


On the 4th of the month, a lunar eclipse offers a 6-month preview into your 11th house of social-connections, reputation, destiny & opportunities. There are certain aspects of this life-area that need to be acknowledged, ended or adjusted. Some of you will wake up and notice some of your best qualities & gifts. Become more comfortable with creating over the next 6 months because you’ve really got some amazing skills & talents, Aquarius. Let your inner-child shine through. What brings you joy, has the power to pay for your lifestyle. Read that again. It’s true. Turning what you love into your life’s work is the ultimate goal here. Your social circle will change as friendships evolve. Mingling with new folks could be fun. Singles could find themselves falling for someone who usually isn’t their type. Venus is still RX in your 5th house or romance & creativity, she could send someone artsy. Anyhow, take all things slow during RX season. Overall, this energy wants you to step more into your power and show yourself & the world who you are. Show up and show out.

Your perspectives are changing & you’ll become more aware of what no longer deserves your energy. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Repeat that. Pleasures & people from your past could show up. If this happens, allow the RX to help you notice areas of growth between you and the other person. Venus in your 5th house of romance can have coupled Aquarius’ noticing where they could show more warmth towards their partner. It’s not uncommon for you be described as, “aloof” at times. Do something romantic but do it in your own creative way. Find time to romance yourself if you can. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive or grandiose, just something simple & strictly for “you” will do. Do creative activities with your friends (or alone) that allow you all to laugh & smile like kids. It’s important that you and your tribe share the same ideas on what “fun” is. Some of you will find yourself asking the question, “Why do I even hang out with them?” Be honest with yourself if this comes up & make the necessary adjustments moving forward.

Your 6th house of entrepreneurship, daily life, holistic health and life lessons gets highlighted a solar eclipse & this will have you paying more attention this area of your life. For those of you who’ve been doing your 6th house work, the cosmos will continue to help you reach your goals. This area of your life will be activated for the next 6 months, pay attention to the signs & patterns the universe reveals. Mars moves into your 2nd house of good food, values & financial security to help you take the actions you’ll need to meet your desires. Talk to your friends about potential investments. Don’t commit to anything just, yet. But now is a great time to talk about future investments and business ideas. You’ll be meeting people that can help you achieve your dreams. Remember, all good things start from within. First address your inner-self, the outer world can wait.