Virgo July Hiyah-Horoscopes


Color of the month: Greens

Song of the month: “Sky Walker” – Miguel, Travis Scott  

Workout of the month: Sports or Team exercises

Theme: Career Progress, Word Power, Big Fun, Passions & Social Changes

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Hey Virgo. Welcome to your July Hiyah-Horoscope. But before we look at July let’s review June. If you faced annoying delays or challenges, how did you respond to the situation? The mission is/was to stay as cool, calm and collected as possible. What changes have you noticed in your career life? And, what home-life changes have you experienced? Remember, everything happens for your greatest good. Watch your words; your ability to manifest is like no other. 

Many of you have gained more clarity on your goals and desires; allow these to change as you learn more about yourself. Think about what you’ve learned about yourself since Venus went retrograde (RX) in late May, and apply its principles moving forward. Speaking of RX, Mercury is still RX in your 10th house of career life, status, authority, government and ambitions. This is great for completing projects that were initiated before June 17th; like that one project(s) you started a long time ago, that was never completed. Acknowledge your growth; give credit.

Saturn goes RX in your 5th house of fun, romance, children, & self-employment to help create a structure suitable for the new world we’re transitioning into. Saturn can help many of you realize your true potentials & happiness. Hard-work will more than likely be required, but that’s nothing you can’t handle, Virgo. Just know you’ll be challenged in a way that is meant to help you create a more balanced and harmonious life. Are you having enough fun in life? People love to have you around and some of you could find yourself as the “life of the party” again. Let your hair down. On the other hand, you’re also known as the “worker bee” of the zodiac which is an admirable trait of yours. This transit will challenge you to have more fun & not take life so seriously. You’ll realize that your inner-joy impacts your outer-joy; they’re interrelated. Having more fun in your personal life will help you lead a more fulfilling work life. Create a business. Enhance your business. Apply for that position. Do you really need a boss?

Retrograded Pluto and Jupiter conjunct this month in your 5th house. To keep things short, life is about to become much more colorful. New friends or groups of people can enter your life that are more aligned with your values and goals. You’ve been looking for people who vibe with the latest version of yourself. The lunar eclipse in this area means that something must be ended, acknowledged or adjusted. Take a close look at your relationships & you’ll immediately notice the changes that have taken place. Especially if you’ve made a physical or geographical change in your living arrangements. *Side note: your level of independence is strengthening. * Don’t worry if you don’t feel like being around folks all the time. You’ll do well with ample amounts of “alone time” to work on creating more mental space and clarity.  Meditation happens in many forms, make sure you adopt a way to spend time with your HIYAH-self.

Single Virgos can meet so many beautiful souls, take time to get to know them before you decide the dynamics. Seeing people for who they are on the inside is always best when evaluating others. Couples could experience loads of fun, laughs and romance in their relationship. Did anyone say “adventure”? Let loose with your “hunny” and experience the many dynamics of your relationship. Joke around as friends. Hug like family. Kiss like lovers. Build like partners. You might enjoy not having to compartmentalize every single detail of your life. Live freely. Love freely. You’ll love how this intensifies the “passion” shared between you guys.

There’s a sense of “peace” in your vortex that’s attracting you to what’s best for you. Keep believing in yourself and don’t be afraid to put yourself first at all times. Follow your gut & change as you learn & grow. Decide the type of relationships you want in your life; they’ll come around in due time. You don’t get to choose what they look like. That’s the interesting part.