Taurus July Hiyah-Horoscope


Color of the month: Sky Blue

Song of the month: “Higher” – Creed

Workout of the month: Cycling or biking

Theme: Revisiting the past, patterns, communication, home vibes & mental gains

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Welcome to July, Taurus. Last month was pretty exciting for many of you. What projects did you complete or gain progress on? What changes in your financial life did you notice? And how many of you felt the need to speak-up for yourself a bit more? How was that for you? Well, July is also here to help you see where further change is manifesting in your life. As you enter the month, remember that Mercury is retrograde (RX) in your 3rd house of technology, communication, siblings & formal education. So, make sure to only pursue the projects that have already been planned or worked. Pay attention to your technology & automobiles: they may need to be upgraded or serviced. Healthy thinking patterns is key for you this month; create a list of positive affirmations & say them daily. Get rid of outdated belief systems that don’t fit the new & improved version of you that’s unfolding. Also, allow people, places & things to return to you at this time. Not in hopes of recreating the past, but to notice any areas of growth within yourself since the last time you two interacted. Remember, life isn’t linear like a time-line; it’s cyclic like a circle. 

The universe will repeat situations as a way to help measure one’s progress in a particular area of life. For example, let’s say that one “particular” person calls your phone and you realize that you no longer get the “butterflies” at the sight/thought of them anymore. That’s the type of stuff that can happen during this transit. Others could have completely opposite reactions to a person, place or thing that reappears in their lives, causing them to feel as if the love has been “rekindled”. If this happens for you, allow yourself to really get involved. Lose yourself in something you used to love & the results could offer a great sense of inner-gratitude.

Saturn goes RX in your 9th house of HIYAH learning, foreign travel, luck and spiritual beliefs until December 2020. There’s also a lunar eclipse on the 5th and this means you’ll be forced to focus on your mindset and beliefs. Some of you have been taking more interest in your foundational beliefs and ideals. Challenging yourself to learn more about the inner interests of your mind will lead to new self-discoveries. Learning more about yourself on a spiritual level can happen for some. This area of your life is expanding & changing. It’s only natural that your mind & beliefs also evolve. Learn as much as you can this month. Use your technology & research the questions & ideas that come to your mind. Teach yourself new concepts/skills. Some of you have stories or information to you’ve been wanting to share with the world for quite some time now. This month would be the perfect time to complete any projects that consists of you either receiving or offering useful information. Let your mind wonder, it’ll lead you to places that not only expand your thinking but will help you to notice some of your inner-resources.

Venus is direct in your 2nd house of values & financial security, this means some of you could receive some type of financial blessing or valuable resource. Either way, Venus has got your back. The sun moves into your 4th house of home & family life on the 20th of the month and this will have you focused on raising the vibe of your home. This doesn’t have be something that’s expensive or major, anything to lighten and liven the mood of your home will do the trick. For some, focusing improving the vibe of just one area of the home is enough to spread the joy around for a while.

Remember, to keep speaking up for yourself and don’t allow folks to get under your skin. You’ll want to incorporate a healthy way to let off some “steam” on a regular basis. Your choice; just make sure it’s healthy.