Sagittarius July Hiyah-Horoscope


Color of the month: Red

Song of the month: “If It Aint About the Money” – T.I.

Workout of the month: H.I.I.T. (High. Interval. Intensity. Training.)

Themes: Self-value, financial audit, stand up for yourself, resources & assets 

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Hey, Sag. Welcome to your July Hiyah-horoscope. But before we talk about July, let’s think back to June. The eclipse activity in your 1st house has led to some discoveries about yourself. What have you recently learned about yourself? Have you been paying more attention to your wants & needs? The desire to put yourself “first” is a reoccurring theme for many of you; step into this desire by taking more accountability for the things you like and don’t like about your life. The rest of the year is dedicated towards doing what’s best for YOU and this makes you feel great. You’ll be transforming yourself in dynamic ways for the rest of the year.

On the 2nd of the month, Saturn retrogrades (RX) in your 2nd house of financial security, material possessions, values, self-worth & growth. Jupiter and Pluto are also RX in your 2nd house. There’s even a lunar eclipse on the 5th of the month in your 2nd house. If you can’t tell already, the cosmos are here to bring focus on what makes you feel financially secure in life. The 2nd house is influenced by the Taurus zodiac, an earth sign, grounded, reserved & practical by nature. Now that you know a little more about the energy of the 2nd house; many of you will start to notice where you’d like more or less in this area of your life. Stay aware of the events 2nd house related event you’ll notice this month. This transit wants you to end, acknowledge or adjust the habits or behaviors that keeps you from experiencing fulfillment. A tighter budget is necessary for some, while others will make major adjustments to how they either acquire or spend money. Some of you will even place more value on what you put time & effort into. Is your job worth the stress? The expression “All money, ain’t good money” will resonate for many of you. This transit will help you decide what’s worth it & what isn’t it. If money management isn’t your issue (even if it is) Jupiter & Pluto can expand your money life.

Teach yourself something that can make you more money, Jupiter can help with the desire to expand your mind. Try not to make any major purchases until after the 13th if you can help it because Mercury is RX in your 8th house until. Pay close attention to who you share resources with & take accountability for your emotions, Sag. Downtime for self, is ideal this month. Drink lots of water & try to avoid the over-consumption of anything this month. Your 8th house can bring money to your life through inheritances, grants, gifts or unpaid debts; the key is to gain resources from other people’s money. The 8th house also rules partnerships & hidden talents. Sag, you often are a person of many talents which makes you a powerhouse. What could be holding you back is lack of self-confidence, but last month’s lunar eclipse in your 1st house of “self” will help you overcome any limiting beliefs you hold against yourself. Let those fears fall to the wayside & step into your fire-power, fam. The 8th house also rules taboos, self-transformations & death. There’s a new you emerging through the depths of your inner-beliefs, values & finances.

Venus is RX in your 7th house of partnerships, justice could even send you a partner, singles could find passion and romance. Couples could experience more diplomacy & fairness within their union which can feel great. Attracting new/old business partners & marriage business can also be experienced for some. The 23rd is great for planning or taking trips to foreign lands where you can learn something new about life & culture. You’ll love learning more about your spiritual-self and discovering deeper meanings to life. July looks lovely for you. Remember to read your July Hiyah-Horoscope 2-3x a month to notice any themes.