Pisces July Hiyah-Horoscope

Pisces July Hiyah-Horoscope


Color of the month: Deep Greens (Money attraction)

Song of the month: “Forever” – Tory Lanez

Workout of the month: Outdoor activities (hiking etc.)

Theme: Status Change, Big Money, Roots, Taking Chances & Good Cause

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Hey there, Pisces. Welcome to your June Hiyah-Horoscope. Last month you were asked to slow down and allow life to play-out at its own pace. Your home and fun sectors were also highlighted, what home-life changes did you experience? Where did you experience the most fun & creativity last month? July will have similar themes. Remember, Mercury is currently retrograde (RX) in your 5th house of fun, romance, children & creativity until the 13th of the month. Continue to evaluate this life area, where do you need more freedom to create and explore? Are you getting enough from your intimate relationships? Use the remainder of the RX to learn more about what brings your joy. Express yourself.

 Saturn goes RX in your 11th house of friends, group associations, status, hopes & wishes and career fortunes. For those who’ve been looking for a new scene or new crew-members can meet the type of people that matches your vibe. There’s nothing better than knowing your tribe is legit. You can meet these people while doing something fun and creative. Expressing yourself in a new way will allow folks to view you in a new perspective. The more you show your “true” self to others, the more you’ll attract authentic souls towards you. Many of you will begin “ships” with folks from all types of backgrounds. Pisces, you’re an eclectic spirit. It’s only right that your life reflects that many different elements you embody. You’ll mesh very well, with folks who are also in tuned with their individuality. Remember, when something new begins, something old must end. Old friendship bonds could fade away, but this doesn’t mean you can’t still love & support one another. The phrase “love from a distance” will resonate with many this month.

Saturn will also help you set boundaries in your social relationships. What matters to you is very important this month. Some of you will start to notice social related issues that calls you to take action. There’s definitely a cosmic shift happening in the world and some of you will feel the need to take a stand. Advocating for others or the greater good can show more of your activist qualities. Either way, you’ll be deciding which groups to join and which ones to avoid. Either way, your social life is in for one big ride. If you’re not overloaded on social media, you could find yourself connecting with some pretty amazing folks that’ll not only show you a good time but can also boost your career. You’re about to gain some friends in HIYAH places. It’s not often that you don’t mind being guilty by association, Pisces. 

Mars is strategically placed in your 2nd house of material gain, values, tasty foods, property, self-worth and cultivation. You’re changing the way you value money, Pisces and it’s for the best. At times, you can spend quite frivolously but Mars can make sure you don’t put-off what needs to be addressed. Why? Because Mars turns up the hustle wherever he goes. The money is the motive when it comes to creating financial security for yourself/family. After the 13th can be good for financial investments. Take action during the 2nd half of 2020 & you’ll reap what you sow.

 The balance will take place between your 11th house & 5th house of romance, creativity, children, inner joy, leisure, love & sex. How can you create more balance between your social life & the things that bring you pure joy. You can have it all. The 20th offers a new moon in your 5th to bring more romance into your life. Romance doesn’t necessarily mean towards a person. You could have a romance or love for an activity. The mission is to share more of what excites you, with the world. The responses you’ll get will give you that boost of inner-confidence, and we all know that a confident Pisces can change the world. Venus is in your 4th house of family, living arrangements, roots, mothers and childhood. Glam up your home life in some way. Redecorate. Paint. Relocate. It’s all up for grabs. Incomplete projects can be finalized in the home.

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