Libra July Hiyah-Horoscope


Color of the month: Earth Tones (to stay grounded & present)

Song of the month: “Everything is Everything’” – Lauryn Hill  

Workout of the month: Group Exercises, (for stronger bonds)

Themes: Family Ties, Owning Up, Self-Driven, Career Life & The Future

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Welcome to your July Hiyah-Horoscope, Libra. Last month man of you began to step outside of your comfort zones, how did that go for you? Libras are in a state of transition and those around you get the pleasure of witnessing this “glow up”. Keep taking chances on yourself as you reach on your HIYAH-self. Life could seem unsteady for everyone these days, but that doesn’t mean you can’t move along your journey with grace. Let life flow & know all things happen for your greatest good. Some of you will make changes to your home life in some way that will offer more comfort and peace. Do you, and do what’s best for you, fam. Go out and get your!

Learning to detach from others & attach to “self” isn’t always comfortable, but it’s definitely a must. All relationships start with “self”. Take responsibility for the energy you bring to your relationships by taking more responsibility for yourself.

Saturn starts us off when he retrogrades (RX) into your 4th house of home and family life. Remember, Pluto and Jupiter are also RX in this part of your natal chart. Libra, it’s time to acknowledge the shift you feel happening in your heart. Some of you have been wanting to move or relocate homes; this will give you that “fresh start” feel you’re longing for. The lunar eclipse on the 5th of the month will highlight this area of your life in a major way. Some of you will be taking a look at your family dynamics to pinpoint what needs to be addressed to create more peace. There’s a healing in the cosmos for you and it’s all home-life related. Be on the lookout for relationship changes with the women and parental figures in your life. Heavy talks can play out. 

Take this time to redefine what “home” and “family” really means to you. Often times, your “family” can be made up of individuals that aren’t biologically related to you. They’re often called a, “Soul tribe”. There is a slower pace to July when it comes to making decisions related to your home & work life. This is most likely due to the Mercury retrograde in your 10th house of career/work, social status & making money. How do you want to make a living? What type of lifestyle do you want to live? Write this type of stuff down. Whether you’re single or coupled, find someone to share your ambitions with. This will make you feel better about yourself. Share more of your broader thoughts and feelings about the endeavor(s) without giving away the details of your plan, if you don’t feel comfortable with full disclosure.

The sun is also in your 10th house bringing more attention and awareness to your work-life, career and status. This will help you take more initiative on making any career related changes. Some of you will start home-businesses or relocating to make more money. This also means there could be a change in who lives in your house. Either way, make sure to nourish your desire to pursue your life’s passions. Whatever happens is orchestrated to fit your “bigger picture”. Mars is station in your 7th house of marriage, compromises, contracts, chosen relationships & fairness. You’ll start to take more initiative in your relationships, Libra. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at what happens when you put an effort towards interacting and building rapport with others. The word “relationship” often sparks people’s idea of romance and love. Any and everything you engage with is based upon a relationship: your TV, your health, food, work, money, a person, habits, and so on.

Many of you will take on more responsibilities in your relationships. For example, if you’ve always wanted to start a business or work for a particular company, you’ll find yourself taking on the responsibility of reaching out first. Also, stand up for yourself without feeling guilty about it. Your intuition will always guide you on what is right for you. The key is to discover what you want in a family/home & learn more about your true purpose/passions in life. You’re brewing up the perfect set-up for yourself, just keep believing. One way to help discover where you’re going, is to discover more about your past. Talking with the elders of your family to learn about your ancestors & heritage can do wonders.