Leo July Hiyah-Horoscope


Color of the month: Yellows

Song of the month: “I Like That” – Janelle Monae

Workout of the month: CrossFit

Theme: Challenge Beliefs, New Sights, Daily Life, Changed Mind, Discovery & Passions

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Hey there, Leo. “Happy Bearth Day’ and welcome to your July Hiyah-horoscope. Last month, you may have experienced a deeper desire to pursue your passions. What have you learned about yourself since June? Many of you have been working on evaluating your belief systems. Continue to learn so that you can heal. Don’t be afraid to let go of ideals that no longer serve who you are today. Challenge yourself. Challenge the norm: if your beliefs are appropriate then doing this will only strengthen them. Otherwise, allow what’s outdated to stay in the past. Don’t be afraid to change your mind as you continue to learn. You’re in the process of reinventing yourself; starting from the inside-out. It’s a beautiful thing.

 Saturn starts the month off by joining already retrograded (RX) Jupiter and Pluto in your 6th house of daily responsibilities, health and animals. If you haven’t experienced a change in focus regarding this area of your life, then stay tuned. Some of you have already started to change your daily health routine by working out and meal prepping. Keep up the good work. The eclipse on the 5th will bring major attention to your daily life and how you truly feel about it on a soul level. If you’re unhappy about your life, now is the time to make changes, fam. Your life is too precious to sit around in an unhappy state for anyone. No one comes before you. (Repeat that.)

Take a close look at your day and decide if you like the way your time is spent making money. some of you will be switching jobs or leaving them all together. If this happens, take advantage of this time by discovering exactly what you’d like to do in the world. Some of you could rediscover a job or activity from your past; enjoy yourself. If you don’t work, then take a look at your health and overall lifestyle. Where could you do more or give more to yourself or the world. How could you give-back in your own personal way? Plus, we all know what happens when you set your sights on a goal.

Singles could get reacquainted with someone from your past, but in a new way. Current relationships could see progress for those who agree to move-on from the past. Venus is in your 12th house of reflection, the unknown & subconscious mind to help bring harmony to the most secret & sacred parts of yourself. Some of you have been learning about yourself on a deeper level. When people have a better understanding of themselves, it becomes easier to build more fulfilling relationships with others. Let yourself explore the depths of your thoughts and feelings without judgment. There is no “right or wrong” in life, it’s all about perception. Venus will help you undo a bunch of “self-sacrificing” sh*t you’ve learned in life. Her mission is to bring you more joy. This goes hand-in-hand with your career if you think about it. A person who with a profound understanding of oneself will also have a better understanding of one’s true desires in life. Therefore, increasing his/her ability to create this for themselves.

Listen to your intuition & ask the cosmos for more clarity and help if you’re unsure about how to handle this month’s energies. Spending time alone is going to be beneficial for you. Allow yourself time to reflect this month. You may not have all of the answers & that’s ok. That’s a good thing, actually. That means more information to discover about yourself & more to look forward to. The sun lights up the 1st house of physical appearance, impressions, ego & perception. This will help you give yourself the love you deserve; you deserve it. Others will soon after start to love you more, for it. Singles could attract a cutie just from being so into yourself. There’s just something attractive about a person that takes extra good care of themselves. Love and discover are the keywords of the month for you, Leo. Happy July.