Gemini July Hiyah-Horoscope


Color of the month: Purples

Song of the month: “Moving On” – Mya

Workout of the month: Sports

Theme: Assets vs Liabilities, Old wounds, Getting deep, Projects, Investments & Clarity

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Welcome to July, Gemini. Last month allowed many of you to slow down & gain more clarity about your desires & values moving forward. You now seem to have a clearer idea of what it is that you want from life as you begin the next chapter of your life. Have you noticed any changes in your finances since last month? Some of you have made some changes to how you value material possessions in an attempt to live freely & detached.

Mercury is still retrograde (RX) until the 12th of the month & this means you’ll still want to be mindful of how you speak and think about your values. Speak positive thoughts over your financial status, values and possessions. Affirm that your needs are always met in abundance & remind yourself that you need for nothing. This transit will encourage “root” chakra or “grounding” work.

Retrograded Saturn joins, Pluto, Jupiter and the moon in your 8th house of inner-fears, secrets, other people’s money, debts & hidden talents. Remember, Pluto & Jupiter are also RX in this house which means you’ll be receiving some blessings and lessons this month. Blessings could present themselves in the form of receiving money that was tied-up in paperwork or someone repaying their debt to you. Either way, let the cashflow increase! Others will get the chance to conquer inner-fears & secrets. Find ways to make peace with your past & let it be, Gemini. The RX energies have some of you replaying some of the ugly stories or events in your head because they need to be properly addressed & released. You don’t have time for that! Let bygones, be bygones. Cheers to the past and what it taught you. Lesson learned. Good riddance.

This month is good for stocks, shares and mutual fund trading for those who are looking to invest. Try looking at your purchases from the perspective of “assets & liabilities”. Assets add money to your wallet without much effort, while liabilities either immediately depreciate in value once used or costs money to maintain. Whether you’re single or coupled, all Geminis are being asked to commit themselves to a higher purpose. Many of you have been searching for deeper meanings for a while now because you no longer want to associate yourself with things that are superficial. Taking relationships to the next level is definitely on the menu & this doesn’t have to involve romance. Gemini, you’re very reserved in your feelings due to the strength of your intellect but allowing yourself to be more vulnerable in your relationships is deep. Sharing more of your true-self is one of the deepest things you can do as a human.

Acknowledge any old fears or beliefs that haunt you & let them “go”. Thank them for serving their purpose & wish them well because they no longer serve who you are. Use your own power to help elevate yourself, fam. The 8th house is offering a chance to tidy up this area of your life before the energies move forward with their transits. Depending upon your age, some of you may not get this particular astrological opportunity again. It’s best to use these cosmic energies to your advantage. Your finances could see gains from a project that was initiated pre-Mercury RX. The cosmos have got you aligned to transform yourself on a financial and soul-level, fam. How exciting; how deserving. Networking, learning and teaching looks profitable around the 20th and there’s a new moon in your house of money that will take your money-life to the next level. Explore new ways to make money & you could even make money using old talents that make re-appearances in your life. Thanks to Venus some of you could experience more peace within your heart.  Overall, self-love this the name of the game this month.