Capricorn July Hiyah-Horoscope


Color of the month: Yellow

Song of the month: “Feeling Myself” – Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé’

Workout of the month: Partner workouts/Sports (team building skills)

Theme: Self-Care, Deserving, Self-Worth, Standards, Family Action & Transformation

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 Capricorn, welcome to your July Hiyah-Horoscope. Many of you started to experience more changes in your chosen relationships last month, how did that go for you? You’ve been taking more control of your happiness & this will continue to yield positive results. Keep up the good work, especially if you’ve been consistent when it comes to taking care of your mind and body. This is the type of energy that will attract all the desire of your heart into your life, there’s nothing you can’t do or have, Cap. You’ve set new standards, stick to them. You are not asking for too much, fam.

 Mercury starts off the month already in retrograde (RX) in your 7th house of partnerships until the 12th of the month. On the 2nd of the month, Saturn goes RX in your 1st house of self. Now is the time that you’ll begin to see some pretty amazing results for any work you’ve been putting out. What you give is what you get, Cap. Luckily you often give quite a bit and it’s only right that you reap what you sow. You’re the “boss” of the zodiac because of your work ethic, but sometimes you shy away from your duties. You’re no stranger to “hard work” but there are times when you’d rather “not”. Saturn can help reorganize & prioritize what’s really important in life, YOU. If you haven’t jumped on the “better yourself” bandwagon, then now is a great time to join the crowd. Some trends are good for the masses. Besides, for many of you, Saturn won’t return to this area of your life during this lifetime. Those who are often too stubborn to take initiative will be forced to pay closer attention to this life area. It’s always advised to work with the cosmos and not against them. The lunar eclipse will bring more focus over the next 6 months to help you decide what’s no longer serving your soul. You’ll be ending, acknowledging and adjusting the people, places and things related to your personal life. If there’s something you don’t like, change it.

Depend on yourself, fam. There’s no one that can make you feel as good as you can. Do beautiful things for yourself and create a new identity. Change your hair, clothes, name and more if you’d like: it’s your world. The most important factor is how you feel about yourself. Loving yourself will entice others to love you as well. Law of attraction. Start new projects and handle major business deals after the 13th if possible due to Mercury’s RX. The Mercury RX in your 7th house of relationships can have you re-experiencing people, places and things from the past. If you encounter a blast from the past, take this opportunity to notice any growth or changes in yourself. Take pride in yourself, Cap. You’ve been working hard and deserve inner-recognition. Many of you will begin attracting the types of relationships you’ve always longed for and this is all because of the inner-work you’ve done. The work you do on yourself can impact your work relationships as well. If you’ve been underserved in any relationship, you’ll either speak up for yourself or simply leave. Either way, doing what’s best for you is the goal of it all. No hard feelings. 

On the 23rd, the sun moves into your 8th house of other people’s money, hidden talents, resources and transformation. The sun shines a light wherever it goes, and your deepest fears may even resurface around this time. If they do, this is because you need to address & overcome them with healthy self-talk and practicality. Stay present this month and don’t allow the “what ifs” to kill the vibe. They’re not valid. They’re not present. They either live in the past or an unreliable future. Money from an outside resource could be the focus for others. Passive income, anyone?

Mars will light up your 4th house of domestic matters, family and home life for the next several months. Expect your home-life to become more active in some way: working from home, relocating homes, more home responsibilities. Watch out for heated discussions & fights. Stay lowkey and avoid tension at all costs. Also, pay attention to your behaviors and how they relate to your home-life & childhood. Try seeing things from a different perspective than the one you were brought up with.