Cancer July Hiyah-Horoscope


Color of the month: Pastels

Song of the month: “Me Myself and I (Soul Version)” – De La Soul

Workout of the month: Deep Stretching (to allow for easy changes)

Theme: Inner-Changes, Self-Love, Relationship Changes, Refreshed and Grateful

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“Happy Bearth Day” and welcome to your July Hiyah-Horoscope, Cancer. There’s so much in store for you this month, whether you celebrate your birthday in May or June. Either way, you can benefit from the cosmic energies this month. Last month, you were encouraged to take more chances on yourself. How did that go for you? Many of you saw promising results for your efforts. Remember, the universe will reward you for following your intuition & taking healthy risks on your skills/talents. Continue to follow you true-self by honoring your heart’s desires.

The month starts off with a retrograded Mercury stationed in your 1st house of all things dealing with “self”. Use this time to reflect upon your personal goals, dreams, desires and wishes. Feel free to make changes & adjustments as you uncover new information about yourself. Give yourself credit for all the progress you’ve made and be kind to yourself. Is it time for a new look? You can reinvent yourself or begin to reinvent yourself this month. Do something new & wild and live a little. No negative self-talk. (Repeat that.) Stating 10 things you’re grateful for each day will increase optimism & awareness. The sun is also placed here for most of the month, attracting beams of positive energy to this area of your natal chart. Step into your power and own what’s your, Cancer. There’s so much you can offer the world. Your personal relationships can also see some healthy changes that helps you feel good. Most of the changes you’ll notice will involve some sort of personal adjustment made on your end. Speaking of relationships……

Saturn retrogrades (RX) in your house of chosen relationships, compromises, partnerships and known enemies from July 5th until December 2020. Saturn is here to help you adjust to the new structures of the world through your relationships. It seems that just recently the rules have changed & it’s not always easy to adjust. Saturn knows that, don’t fret because the cosmos have got your back. Remember, Jupiter & Pluto are also RX in this area of your chart. Relationship dynamics are changing on all levels: big and small. The terms “it’s not what you know, but who you know,” is about to gain significance for you. If you’ve been looking to connect with your true tribe, then you’re about to witness the beauty of “association”. On the other hand, it’s important that you take inventory to discover your “real” friends. Any frauds can be left where they stand; no hard feelings. However, keeping it real with yourself is your biggest challenge & reward. Cancers have a tendency to “play” themselves when it comes to relationships, often leaving you with the “short end of the stick”. Many of you will be making a vow to yourself to put yourself “first”. Detach from unhealthy bonds; let them go. Look for more love in your world. 

Setting boundaries & expectations doesn’t have to be dreadful, Cancer. Especially for those who understand that all relationships begin with “self” and that prioritizing one’s personal needs is best for the relationship. Assert yourself & approach all things from a place of love to make sure your needs are being met in your relationships. Consider your own feeling during the moment when you’re being more vocal about your thoughts and feelings. Let people be responsible for their own feelings for once. It wouldn’t even be considered as “nagging”. This would simply represent your decision to set healthy boundary in a relationship; doesn’t matter if the relationship is new or old. The overall theme here is, “self-love” and more of it.

You could also meet someone special during this time; this could be someone who has a major impact on your life. This doesn’t have to be romantic, it could be professional or platonic. Either way be on the lookout. Also, get more specific about who you want in your life. You’ll start to notice how your physical world starts to reflect all of the “soul work” you’ve been doing within yourself. Towards the end of the month you’ll be focused on your money & creating a fresh start for yourself.