Aries July Hiyah-Horoscope


Color of the month: Red

Song of the month: “I Look Like Bae” – O.T. Genensis

Workout of the month: Weight-lifting / Calisthenics

Themes: Self-work, True to “self”, talk it out, sharing feelings, taking action, & confidence

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Hello Aries. Welcome to your July Hiyah-Horoscope. This month will have you feeling the need to take action towards creating the best version of yourself. This can seem to play out in a variety of ways for any sun, moon & rising Aries. However, the theme of doing what’s best for “self” will apply to all It’s almost as if you said “never mind” to all of the retrograde action taking place in the cosmos. Mars in your 1st sign of “self” at the beginning of the month will help you set the best foundation for what’s to come. Taking charge of your desires will give you a sense of “internal satisfaction” AKA a feeling that cannot be bought. Feel me. Your confidence is on “hell yeah” & the world is loving the way you’re choosing to “show up”.

On the 2nd of the month, already retrograded Saturn will back-step into your 10th house of service & the work you do in the world. Those who work too much will create more time for pleasure. Others who lack work ethics will be guided on how to set boundaries etc. Either way, this transit will cause you to recognize your true potential & talents. What this really means is that you’re about to put yourself out there in ways you’ve never done before, fam. It’s a risky step for that big ego of yours, but the results will blow even you, away. Many of you are taking healthy risks on yourselves (as you should) and the universe will reward you for following your intuition. Keep your energy balanced this month & practice grounding techniques to keep your temperament in check. Stay active to clear your mind & burn off any excess energy.

Those who are looking to become more self-reliant could see prominent results by December. Keep doing your thing. Everything is working out for you, even when you aren’t aware. But wait, there’s more. Remember, Jupiter is also RX in your 10th house causing you to expand & grow the mental skills that’ll help you excel in this area of your life. Pluto is also RX here. To keep it short & sweet, Aries. This is the time where you can make some great headway who you are in the world. Be open & willing to explore your heart’s true desires. If you’ve always wanted to start a blog; start that sh*t. If you’ve always wanted to become a chef; pursue that sh*t. Doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it comes from your true self & not a place of greed, ego or status. Find more meaning. Discover your truths. No more spending time on things that don’t serve the soul. Let old projects and desires return to you. This month is great for completing.

The moon activity this month lights up your 4th house of domestic, family & home life. Expect more emotional efforts put towards your family & living dynamics. Let’s not forget about the sun and Mercury who’re also placed here. There’s a focus on the comfort of your home, Aries. For those of you who haven’t been satisfied with the relationship(s) with or within your home the cosmos offer some respite for your soul. Don’t shy away from the conversations that need to be had; this will only make matters worse. If these talks are had, be sure to speak from the heart & not your head, Aries. Over these last few months, many of you have been working on your level of compassion and understanding for others. July will help you see why those particular skills needed to be polished. Many of you play a leading role in your families (whether you currently realize it or not). The role you play has an influence that affects your entire tribe. You’ll want to stay in healthy spirits this month for the sake of those around you. Treat your family with respect & they’ll honor you, forever. Some much needed inner-child healing could take place this month for those who’re willing to do the soul-work needed to overcome your fears. Look at this as one last chance to get rid of some of those ugly ideas & beliefs about “family” that past hurts have caused you. Please express yourself with the ones you love. Remember, talking isn’t the only way to apologize or express more compassion. 

Most of you will experience some upgrades to your home life which could play out as a renovation or a literal home relocation. The choice is yours. The latter part of the month (after the 19th) is great for real-estate investments & other home investments. Allow for new beginnings to unfold in your home life. From mid to late July, singles could even find someone to “take home”, while coupled Aries could turn up the romance. Create new ways to have fun with your spouse/family. Everyone will benefit in return. Also, take more accountability for the vibes you bring to your home by respecting your need to unwind, relax and workout. Honor yourself. Express yourself. Have fun. Live life & drink lots of fresh spring water. P.S. You’ve got a “vibe” about you that others will be attracted to this month. Let that good energy fuel your true career passions fam. The world will love what you have to offer.