Aquarius July Hiyah-Horoscope


Color of the month: Blue & gray

Song of the month: “Scared Money” – NxWorries, Anderson Paak

Workout of the month:   Yoga (Mental Strength)

Theme: Alone Time, Self-Reflect, Unconscious Mind, Daily Habits & Manifesting

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Welcome to your July Hiyah-Horoscope, Aquarius. Last month, you may have experienced some excitement in the romance & fun department. What changes have you noticed? Some of you have been looking into expanding your day-to-day or investing skills. Keep in mind this energy will spread-out over the remainder of the year. Let the “gains” begin. Mercury went retrograde (RX) in your 6th house last month, where it will remain until the 13th. Pay attention to the details of your daily life and the way your time is spent on: work, exercise, activities, duties etc. RX are known for returning things from the past and could find yourself reunited with an old health routine or even job. Speaking of health, do something to boost your body’s functionality by eating fresher foods & exercise. Post 13th, is a great time to test those new ideas you’ve been having.

 Saturn RX on the 5th of the month in your 12th house of secrets, self-reflection, the unseen world, self-sacrifice & the unconscious mind. Will join already RX planets, Jupiter and Pluto. To keep it short, Aquarius. Your inner beliefs about yourself and the world you perceive are up for renewal. A change of heart, mind & soul can transpire for those who’re willing to do the work. You’re not much for “feelings”, but the extra 12th house attention will have you assessing the makings of your inner world. This will really apply to how YOU show up for yourself on the deepest level. Create alone time, to evaluate your inner peace & happiness right now.  If you aren’t as happy in life, it could be tied to the depths of your soul. You know, the unseen parts of you that are usually experienced & not necessarily observed. You’ll start to notice where you give too much of yourself to other people, places or things. The moon will bring what needs to be ended, acknowledged or adjusted right to the forefront of your mind. Whatever you notice needs to be addressed. Do the work.

Old habits and dysfunctional behaviors can be upgraded for healthier alternatives. Strengthening your spiritual state is highly recommended for all. This will look different for each person, but the overall theme is “getting a better understanding of how your inner beliefs affect your day-to-day life.” It can be a challenge to combat the limiting beliefs people hold against themselves, but the outcome offers a sense of inner-freedom. A feeling that cannot be bought. Feel me. The metaphysical world can have a strong impact on you. Explore tarot, astrology, horoscopes, numerology and psychology. The cosmos are offering a chance to “heal” at the core of your existence. 

The 20th offers a new moon in your 6th house. This will give you a new perspective on your daily life. Some of you will start a new exercise routine, reorganize your daily duties or even start a new job or way to earn money. This new moon can feel exhilarating to those who’ve been doing the soul-work that’s related to the 12th house. You’ll feel freer in your mind & spirit as you set your sights on new goals. Neptune in your 2nd house can have many of you dreaming about the days when you’ll have the money to pursue one’s happiness. Keep dreaming and manifesting. You’re extremely powerful this month, you’ve got stronger psychic powers than usual, now.

Venus is in your 5th house of love, romance, children, fun & creativity which gives the month a flair of excitement for singles and couples. You won’t spend the entire month in solitude; play more games, share laughs, smiles and love with those around you. Your ideas of “fun” may also be changing as you learn more about yourself on the deepest levels. Do something new! Business partnerships can develop during the latter part of the year for those who’re looking. Singles could hit it off with a known associate or someone from the cyber world. Mars will heat up your communication sector over the next several months. Take notice of how you communicate with others & take initiative when it comes to the projects you want to pursue.