Color of the month: Sand/Tan

Song of the month: “Right Here (Human nature mix)” – SWV

Workout of the month: Full body workouts


Hey Virgo, welcome to February. This month continues your journey towards self-expression and creativity. Venus enters your 8th house of resources, taxes, money and taboos. Venus likes to turn up the luxury and love whenever she’s around. You could find yourself going deeper into whatever peaks your interests. Some of you will dive more into the esoteric world like tarot, synchronicity and numerology etc. Let this happen. Research. Learn. Expand your intellect. Love and money are the theme of this transit and since most of you love money, there could be an increase in money that could come via inheritance, bonus, lottery etc. You just never know. The 12th house of all things spiritual, romance, intuition and emotion has a full moon that will encourage you to recharge your batteries. It’s important to take time to yourself this month to just be in a place that allows you to feel free; childlike even. You need lots of sunshine and fresh air this month. Placing more outside activities on your schedule will bring you more joy this month. Downtime will be great for reenergizing your energy. Click the link for your free natal chart. 


Mercury goes retrograde in your 7th and 6th houses, beginning on the 17th of the month. Mars also enters your 5th house on the same day. Remember, the theme of 2020 is self-expression and creativity. The 5th house rules your inner-child desires. It’s time to play, Virgo. Loosen-up and have a good time doing it. What brings you joy? Do something for your inner child this month. Take yourself to the zoo or to the amusement park. Sound therapy can be achieved with the help of music. Dance, create or just enjoy listening to music can all be helpful this month. You’ll have lots of energy this month and can become quite silly or playful around those you’re comfortable with. Let your hair down, the people around you will appreciate this side of you. Coupled Virgos can become quite the romantic this month; your hunny will love this. If you have kids, this is a great time to just hang out with them. You guys could have the best time creating a game or playing old favorites. Any kids you bond with during this transit will cherish any moments spent together. Mars will basically put a lil’ pep in your step.


The retrograde in your 7th house of relationships and diplomacy will have you reviewing past lessons from past relationships which can lead to lots of insight about yourself on a personal level. They’ll be story pieces that will finally make sense in your head as information is revealed to you. For instance, you could now see why a certain person said a certain thing about a certain situation etc. Some relationships could come to an end during the retrograde and that’s because they no longer serve the life you’re living. Allow the universe to create space. Where are your relationships out of balance? Are you giving too much in a particular relationship? If so, now is the time to allow others to take accountability for their own stuff. You don’t have time to be out here rescuing everybody. Try not to assume. Wait for the facts. Old buddies, colleagues or even exes could pop-up around this time. If so, you’ve got to decide what’s best for the life you want to create for yourself. Make sure you respect yourself so that others know how to treat you. When mercury backs into your 6th house of health and daily life routines your schedule could become a hectic. Try not to become frustrated if your daily-life routine seems to be off-track, it’ll be over in due time. The retrograde is great for getting things completed. Some of you could complete your project and launch your business or website to the world during a retrograde. Leave a few minutes early when traveling just in case there are delays. Upgrading technology could also be necessary. The new moon on the 23rd the new moon in Pisces offers a refreshed view of your spiritual life. You could find yourself picking up some new Pisces related interests: occult symbolism, mediums, chakras and more. Let your feelings come in a guide you on some of the decisions you make. Relying upon your intuition could help when your brain becomes overloaded. What new ways would you like to express yourself, Virgo? The more you inner-world changes, the more your physical world changes. Allow the changes in your mindset and beliefs manifest into this 3D reality. You see the dream, now let it manifest. Don’t resist the energies you experience this month. Go with the flow and experience more freedom and control.


Theme: Me-Time, romance, past relationships, wisdom & revelations.

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