Color of the month: White for a practical outlook on life

Song of the month: “24/7” – Meek Mill

Workout of the month: Deep stretching and yoga


Hey there Taurus. Let’s go ahead and get started with Venus lighting up your 12th house of spirituality, romance, intuition and anything unseen on the 8th of the month. (Click here for your free natal chart. )This energy will encourage you to practice more acceptance on a spiritual level and the best thing about that is “you.” Everything begins with you, Taurus. So, anything you share with the world is shared with yourself first. Meaning, it’s time to accept yourself, fully. Some will divulge in the esoteric world and take interest in channels like tarot, astrology or numerology & symbolism etc. Tapping into the metaphysical world has been known to strengthen one’s spiritual powers. Finding times where you can enjoy quiet time for your mind and body to unwind can help with digesting new information. But the biggest part of this energy promotes the idea of you just being yourself. Accept yourself so that others can fully accept you as well, Taurus. If there’s a personal-interest that you’ve been hiding; it’s time for you realize that it’s ok, to be ok with yourself. Don’t judge yourself through other people’s minds; that’s not fair to you or them. Some of you will take on this “take it or leave it” attitude when it comes to presenting yourself. That’s what we mean whenever we say, “create space”. Stop giving a damn. Many will step into the energy where you’re owning yourself in a way that’ll have you showing up & demanding the respect you’ve always deserved. In a way, you get to reinvent yourself through the changes in your beliefs because change begins on the inside. As a result, the relationships you gain while occupying this new space are going to be more fulfilling for you.


The 9th offers a full-moon in your 4th house of domestic life, family and home affairs. This could play out in a variety of ways. Some of you could be relocating. There could be some changes with house members. There could be some tension in the home around this time. There could be an imbalance between your work and home life. What could make this better? Family demands could seem more demanding around this time as well. There are changes on the home-front that need to be addressed and the next 4-weeks could be filled attention-grabbing details. Take notice of what’s revealed to you and make adjustments or let it go. Choose whichever is best for you. This goes for tangible items as well, Taurus. You have a tendency to place value on certain possessions for certain reasons, but it’s time for a garage sale or give-away. Getting rid of old items with stale energies can create a lighter aura in your home. Cleaning your home is also recommended during this time. Mercury goes retrograde until the 10th of March in your 10th house on the same exact day that Mars enters your 10th house. This energy is great for completing things and getting things started that were in progress prior to the retrograde. It’s time to stop hiding your beautiful goodness from the world, Taurus. The world needs to see what you have. They don’t even know they need what you have, but it’s up to you to give it to them. Yes. You can do all of this during the retrograde. The retrograde brings things to an end/completion and if you’ve been developing your business the retrograde would be a great time to finalize the deal and launch your big idea. You could also be re-evaluating your social circles at this time that’ll have you looking for souls that resonate with your soul.


The 19th offers a good chance to link up with some like-minded individuals or link up with others on a common cause. This could be great for networking and meeting new people to add to your “friends-list”. What kind of people would you like have in your social circle?

The 23rd offers a new moon in the 11th house to help you gain the connections you desire. You could find yourself linking with folks that have more of the qualities you require in a relationship.


Theme: completing projects, new connections, esoteric interests and home-life changes.