Color of the month: Red for strength & vitality

Song of the month: “Biking” solo – Frank Ocean

Workout of the month: Cardio & calisthenics for inner power


Welcome to February, Scorpio. Click the link for your free natal chart. This month has lots in store to help you complete the theme of the year. January started the year off with themes of changes in values and beliefs, creativity & new beginnings. For a better understanding of your monthly hiyah-horoscopes, click the link for your free birth chart. It’s still not too late to make new year goals. What do you want to see for yourself and your family? How do you see yourself making money? Where do you see yourself living? 2020 is the year where you can start to change your whole life if you wanted. The cosmos have got your back, but they need a plan of action made by you. If you haven’t made a 1-year plan for your life: get as detailed as you’d like. On the 4th, Mars enters your 2nd house of financial security and values. It’s time to stop procrastinating by taking charge of your financial life. Apply for the jobs that’ll satisfy your lifestyle. Don’t downplay yourself. Put the effort into the things you want and you’ll be proud of the outcomes. Put more effort into your self-esteem, too. One thing that can help is moving your body and it doesn’t have to be intense. Finding time to take a 30-minute walk each day can do wonders for the physical and mental. The new year brings the sun and it’s time to step out of the depths of your shadows. Let the world see how mysteriously charming and cool you are. Some of you have talents and gifts you’ve been keeping in the dark. Well, you’re known for keeping secrets but now it’s time to spill the beans. Spilling the beans isn’t as scary as you’d think; especially if it could attract more money to you. This is one way to take more control of your happiness & destiny.


The full moon happens in your 9th house of knowledge, traveling, and expansion. What beliefs do you have that no longer serve you? start finding out the “why” of your beliefs and you may find yourself getting rid of ideas that may have never been your own in the first place. Explore new horizons in your body and mind. Some will even travel to distant lands for healing/learning. Let the 9th house expand your mindset and skillset. The 3rd house of communication and thinking conjuncts the 9th house on the 12th of the month, offering a great opportunity to focus on your mentality/thoughts. Your ineffective thinking patterns may be in taking up all the space in your head during the middle of the month and that’s because the planets want you to see where you need to create space. Get rid of the “what ifs” that play out in your head over and over again as they take up your space and draining your energy. These polarizing energies may have you feeling a bit moody. One day you’re fine and the next day you’re in the dark place. There are ways to redirect this energy: journaling, exercise, meditation and nature are all ways to keep vibes high. Letting these inner thoughts/feelings manifest in a tangible way can help transform your thoughts. You’ll be able to actually see the areas of your life that you are not satisfied with and your subconscious thoughts that form around them. You are powerful. And if you relax, the energies can help you control your experiences with your mind-power, and that all starts with “thoughts”. Learn to work with all the energies of your spirit, Scorpio because it can morph your life on a profound level. And who loves power more than you, Scorpio? No one.


Venus in the 5th will have you feeling super creative and ready to spend time that lets you feel like a kid again. It’s always a beautiful time when you’re sincerely filled with joy. Create more moments of joy in your life. Scorpios with children can experience lots of bonding and fun. Singles could meet someone while in a creative space or when children are around. Let yourself be carefree and ignore anyone who doesn’t allow you to freely be this way. Your spirit deserves to be lite and bright. Love on yourself. The last week of the month offers a new-moon in your 4th house of home affairs and that means a new-beginnings in the area of home/family. Relationship changes could occur around this time; especially ones in the home. Please let this happen. Bonds could be strengthened, while weak bonds could be dissolved during this transit. Just know that everything happens for your good. Some could be a relocating in some way, renovating or decluttering while others could be starting new families. Either way decide what changes you’d want for yourself, home and family. What does your ideal home/family look like? Where is it? Build a dream, set a goal, plan and execute. The theme of the month points towards a holistic rebranding of who you are and the life you live. The best thing about it is, the whole world is here for it Scorpio.



Theme: changes, old things die-off, new creativity, expansions, new values

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