Color of the month: Red & white for vitality and peace

Song of the month: “A Long Walk” – Jill Scott

Workout of the month: Running/jogging to burn extra energy



Welcome to February, Sag. Let’s go ahead and get things started. Click the link for your free natal chart. This month is all about taking action. Mars is in your 2nd sign this month and that could lead to a personal breakthrough of some sort if you work with and not against the energies. Mars will help you to look past your present limitations. You have the ability to not only see past the boundaries most people would fall victim to. The energies could have you putting out lots of energy and effort this month. “Moderation” is the key word here, keep things balanced so you can tell if you start “doing too much”. Take time to be in nature, you could probably use more sun. Read. Breathe intentionally and calm your mind this month. But the overall theme is to stop putting things off when it comes to taking care of yourself. Stop eating so much sugar/processed foods. Pay more attention to how much you munch throughout the day. Drink more water. A 14-day water fast could do wonders for your avatar. Try only eating between certain hours of the day for help with metabolism (eat between hours 12pm-6pm only.)


Venus enters your 8th house on the 8th of the month creating juicy vibes for love and businesses. Some could receive grants, investments or inheritances to increase your finances. Venus is here to encourage you to chase the life you deserve. If you want love, it’s out there for you. Please don’t think that you are not worthy because you are. However, your beliefs about it all will really impact your experiences. Besides, the world loves it when you’re happy, Sag. Because it just seems to rub off on the people around you. Love is in the air for singles. The 9th of the month offers a full moon in your 9th house of expansion, spirituality, traveling and knowledge. Some of you could be revamping your spiritual beliefs and the cosmos want you to know that your wisdom can benefit others. Take time to learn about things that interest your mind and reach for that hiyah-intellect. Mercury retrogrades your 4th house on the 17th and on the same exact day Mars moves into your 2nd house. Not to mention the sun moves into your 4th house on the 18th to wish the Pisces a happy solar return. Jupiter and Saturn are already in your 2nd house so there’s a focus on these areas of your life. Remember, the 4th house rules all things home/domestic life related including the members of the home. Your 2nd house rules the physical things you value and your financial security. There could be a refreshed feeling in your home or with your family members. Some could repair, renovate or decorate the home. Basically, you’ll want to create a nurturing and inviting vibe in your home. You’ll appreciate this. The retrograde will have you taking a look at how things in your home have been serving you. Please, don’t hesitate to make any adjustments you notice that will help increase your happiness. Remember, what’s best for you is what’s best for everyone.


The new moon on the 23rd will help you with the changes you want to make in your family and home. When Mars moves into the 2nd you’ll be forced to look at how you spend/earn money. You may have to get really practical and tighten up on your spending if you find yourself letting money slips through your fingers. To be honest, Saturn is already in your 2nd house to make sure you stay on the right path. Your finances need to be in order because there’s an increase that could be on its way to you. But honestly, if you did come into more money with poor financial habits these same problems would still exist for you. The issue isn’t about the amount of money you have or don’t have, it’s how you handle the money. It’s time to take ownership. There are people with way less money and more happiness than you, Sag. And that’s only because happiness comes from within. Expanding your beliefs will help you with seeing things from new perspectives. New perspectives will change how you experience your experiences. You’ll also feel much more in control of your life when you discover this. Make sure you eat lots of greens for vitality and increase your exercise if you haven’t already jumped on the health-movement. Try fitness classes that allow you to have fun while you work out. It’s great for socializing and your body. Leave a comment below and tell us how this month’s hiyah-horoscope resonated with you.



Themes: Taking action, new beliefs, home-life changes and financial responsibility.